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Zombie Kimonos

Gi Review: ZombieKimonos

About Zombie Kimonos

Zombie Kimonos operates with the intention of giving back to the BJJ community.  This Texas-based company seeks to sponsor upcoming talent and current BJJ stars.

They have some pretty creative designs, but are still an extremely small company.  I’ve spoken with J.C., the CEO of Zombie Kimonos a number of times and he seems to be very approachable and responds very quickly to e-mail.

While I don’t currently own any Zombie Kimonos, I believe that they would be worth checking out should you be in the mood for something a little different from the average BJJ gi.

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Zombie Kimonos

Zombie Kimonos Worth Checking Out

Zombie Kimonos come with the following specifications:

  • 550 grm Pearl Weave Zombie Kimono Top
  • Ripstop covered EVA Foam Collar to prevent holding Bacteria and Faster Drying
  • 100% Ripstop Pants, with Reinforced Gold Weave Knee Pads and Fully Gusseted Pearl Weave Crotch for Better Guard Maneuverability
  • Six Belt Loop System to Better Support Stretchy Rope Draw String
  • Heavy Reinforced Seams and Contrast Stitching
  • Reactive Dye to Prevent Fading
  • Competition Legal

The Executive

Zombie Kimonos: The Executive Gi

Get The Executive through their website

The Zen

Zombie Kimonos: The Zen Gi

Get The Zen through their website

The Seducer

Zombie Kimonos: The Seducer Gi

Get The Seducer through their website

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