We Will, We Will Habrok You: Habrok Sports Tatica 2.0 Review

We Will, We Will Habrok You: Habrok Sports Tatica 2.0 Review

Habrok Tatica 2.0


Habrok Sports is trying to take the gi market by storm adding their product offering to the already huge gear market that is available to jiu jitsu practitioners.  They are confident in their product lines and submitted their recent release, the Habrok Tatica 2.0 for review.  I wore this gi for over 3 months to determine its quality, longevity and rolling performance, check out my review.

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This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of gireviews.net) for review.  I have never done any work with or for Habrok.


I’ve reviewed dozens of gis.  It takes a lot to impress me as most of these products are made by the same hands in the same Pakistani factories.  I look at factors like fit, unusual design points, fabric quality and other specific features to determine whether or not I like a gi.  A gi can be perfectly good and still not impress me…

Habrok touts itself as a different kind of brand.  4 generations of gi makers.  Innovative.  They take pride in their work, and it shows.

The Habrok Tatica 2.0 had some impressive features.  The fit is decent, the look is sharp, and the fabric is this gi’s strong point.


I am 6’1 and fluctuate between around 195-210.  The very best fitting gis I’ve worn are size A2L, however some brands’ A3 and A2 sizes fit me.  Knowing this information, Habrok submitted an A3 to me for review.  This gi fits me like a well fitting A3.  Not quite as amazing as the A2L gis I’ve tried out, but definitely wearable.

A:  7gi reviews gi measurement size chart

B:  28

C:  30

D: 23

E: 22

F: 13.5

G: 9

H: 37.5


Habrok designed the Tatica 2.0 to have a rather generic look from a distance but with some subtle details to set it apart.

The black pearl 450 GSM pearl weave top features external taping and a silky smooth interior lycra yoke panel.

The gi’s color scheme is black and red with some white detailing.

All branding is embroidered with high quality embroidery.

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The first thing I noticed about this gi’s jacket is an aspect that has lasted throughout the entire review period: it’s smooth on the inside and coarse on the outside, just like I like my gis to be.  Also the fabric is light enough to be comfortable but heavy enough to be durable.

The ripstop covered EVA foam lapel is thinner than I prefer, but it makes up for its thinness with its rigidity over time.

As far as the basic design pattern, Habrok went with two shoulder embroideries featuring their branding, Habrok Jiu Jitsu.  The bottom of the skirt features branded seamtape on the exterior while the sleeve cuffs feature that same seamtape internally.

The gi’s name “Tatica 2.0” is embroidered at the bottom of the back of the skirt and there is a stylized bird at the top of the jacket between the shoulders.  Habrok in Norse mythology was a hawk.  #themoreyouknow

My favourite feature of this gi jacket is the inner yoke panel lycra lining.  Habrok did something smart with this gi: they sublimated the tag right onto the panel.  Most gi companies sew a patch in there that rubs on the neck of the wearer, but not in this gi.  It also happens to extend down to the nipple area which makes the gi very comfortable.

All standard reinforcements are present in this gi jacket, and the venting trim is red twill.


Some of the softest nicest ripstop pants I’ve ever seen.  The Habrok Tatica 2.0 pants don’t fit me perfectly, but I love how they feel.

Habrok went with the same red twill trim and branded seam tape on the cuffs of the trousers as they used on the jacket.

The pants feature a stretchy rope and a 4 loop closure system.  The loops are red twill like the trim.


Rolling Performance

This gi was very comfortable to roll in, and the stiff lapel helped ward off chokes.  I have rolled in very few gis that had such nice fabric

The  biggest criticism I have for this gi is its fit, which is really the only issue I had, but the fit was perfectly fine for a daily workhorse gi.


If you like the aesthetic of Habrok sports don’t hestitate to buy one of their gis.  I was impressed by the feel of the gi, but I’d advise anyone looking to buy one to check the size charts and make sure that the sizing is good for them.  Hit up Habrok at www.habroksports.com 

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