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GiReviews Presents: Who makes the best BJJ belt? The OFFICIAL BJJ Belt Review

The Best Brazillian JJ Belt

BJJ Belt: Whose is best?

This question pops up from time to time for various reasons.

Some people replace their bjj belt, some instructors are looking for bjj belts to buy for their students, and some students buy their own bjj belts.

While it isn’t a gi review necessarily, we’ll start by looking at what other people have to say about their bjj belt!

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Atama BJJ Belts

Atama BJJ Belts

  • I just ordered an atama bjj belt to replace it with but i haven’t recieved it yet. i’ll give it a review after i’ve had a chance to try it out
  • I like my Atama. Stays tied pretty well and lookd good too.
  • Atama bjj belts are a good solid standard. I’ve heard HCK bjj belts are good. Vulkans are my favorite shades.
  • I like Atama.  Don’t get a Kieko – they never break in.
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Dragao BJJ Belt

Dragao BJJ Belt

  • I have no complaints with my Dragao bjj belt.

Fuji BJJ Belts

Fuji BJJ Belts

  • the fuji bjj belts are pretty cheap (price wise) and mine stays tight for a good percent of the practice.
  • Fuji – Standard width, thickness. This is the bjj belt I received when I got my blue. It is a pastel blue, I just did not feel the right “Raca” with this.
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Gameness BJJ Belts

Gameness BJJ Belts

  • Don’t get Gameness, their bjj belts suck very much,
  • I have a Gameness bjj belt and one of my training partner comments on how bad it sucks every time we drill. it doesn’t stay tied for shit.
  • I have a gameness white bjj belt. I can agree that it doesn’t stay tied for shit. I think I’ve decided to get an HCK. Between the recommendations here, and the cost, I’ll give it a try. Also, I like that it has the black sleeve for stripes in the future.
  • When I had a school all I sold was Gameness stuff. I had a gameness bjj belt for a little as did everyone at my school, I never heard any complaints about them. But then again i can’t keep any bjj belt tied no matter what.
  • My gameness bjj belt is very nice. It’s just thick and stiff (even after washing) and won’t stay tied. Other then that, I don’t have any complaints. I can see it lasting a VERY long time.
  • Gameness!
  • I currently have a Gameness white bjj belt and love it to death. Very high quality bjj belt.
  • I find that Gamness is over priced and not that well made in general.
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  • My experience with HCK bjj belts has been good. I think they are a bit cheaper than the other brands as well, but I haven’t checked the prices lately.
  • I have an HCK that is a little over a year old and has held up very well. I wash it fairly often also.
  • HCK – I just got this. I think the Black Bar is a little too big, but otherwise, nice stiffness, deep blue color, and feels like it will last a long time.
  • The new HCK bjj belts are the best. they have a black patch for stripes that is 6″ and has a white bar on the top and the bottom
  • When I had four stripes on my blue, the built in stripes on the HCK seemed to cause a lot of confusion. “How many stripes you got dood…6?”  I heard it ALL the time. For a while I even covered them up with electrical tape.

Kaizen BJJ Belts

Kaizen BJJ Belts

  • I have a Kaizen bjj belt. It stays tied very well and is light and hangs well. Our school handed out OTM belts at our last promotion and they all were super stiff on everybody. They also used them for the colored bjj belt in a tournament and I couldn’t stand them.

Koral BJJ Belts

Koral BJJ Belts

  • Koral is the best IMO. Thick, but supple, and stays tied well.
  • Go with Koral. Only issue with them is their colors are more “pastel” than other brands.
  • my blue and purple bjj belts are HCK. The thickness and width of the bjj belts is nice, but they don’t weigh much. That is my only complaint. I don’t care about whether it stays tied, I just want the biggest, heaviest belt I can get.
  • Heres a vote for Koral…..I love mine
  • Thought I remember some guys custom designing bjj belts… I hear Mizuno makes a good belt. I’m thinking about buying a Koral this time. My Atama did not hold up the way I wanted it to. When I got my purple bjj belt Cesar didn’t even have one! He told me to order it online. Everyone is telling me to get a good one this time. The bjj belt that I am getting today is not good quality…

Mizuno BJJ Belts

Mizuno BJJ Belts

  • Mizuno is a cotton / satin combo
  • I don’t think I heard anybody mention the Mizuno bjj Belt. My coach has the cotton/satin one. It ties nicely and looks cool. My buddy who just got his black gave me a brown that was too big for him. Now I have two. I think I’ll get one more to odden things up.
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  • atama belts are great. otm bjj belts are pretty good too. Often students wear the same kind of bjj belt that the instructor wears.
  • If you are into big and bulky belt, OTM is really good.

Renzo BJJ Belts

Renzo BJJ Belts

  • Renzo bjj Belt – thinner and not as wide, very soft. Looks like a spit wad when its knotted up.

Ronin Brand

Ronin Brand BJJ Belt

  • I have a belt by Ronin Brand that I was less than enthused with initially, as it is thin and costs $5 (doesn’t imply that it’ll last), but it stays closed quite well and I have no complaints.

Sirius BJJ Belt

Sirius BJJ Belt

  • I have a Sirius bjj belt and I love it. Good belt for a good price.
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  • I have a custom bjj belt from Vogel and it’s dynamite.

War BJJ Belts

War BJJ Belts

  • I heard that War bjj belts are really nice and know alot of guys who like them
  • War bjj belt are quite awesome. They are made of single weave gi material, super thick and durable and they stay tied pretty well. Spendy though at about $40.
  • War bjj belts rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have a war bjj belt too. It’s the best belt I’ve had but I just don’t think it’s worth the price. I’ll probably get something else when I get promoted.

There you have it folks.  Opinions are all over the place.  Regardless of love or hate, Gameness and HCK are the most popular here.

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Any BJJ belt that we missed? Want to add your opinion to the discussion?


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Brendan is the Founder of By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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MMA Fanatic says September 6, 2011

Ever since I left white belt I’ve only used Koral belts, I prefer them over the others because of their slim design and they seem to last forever.

    Brendan says September 6, 2011

    Interesting. I’ve never used a Koral belt, and generally don’t like the stitching, but I’ve also never used a HCK and I’m not a huge fan of my gameness purple. How many Korals have you had?

Brendan says September 23, 2011

via Propaganda

I ordered a light blue War belt. The belt arrived and as I unpacked it the stitching on the belt was horrible. The main thing was the WAR patch was already falling off before I took it out of the plastic sleeve.

Ilya says December 29, 2011

Subculture belt sucks, it’s slim and cuts into your hips when its new, when it gets worn down and becomes softer over time it’s too flimsy. Atama belt is decent, before they used to make them real thick. The one I have now is soft and actually feels nice on your hips, however it’s not as thick as I want it to be. My Koral belt was by far the best one, perfect combination of thickness and super soft which gave it the best feel for me.

Mike M. in Arizona says March 9, 2012

I have had a dark blue War belt for the past two and half year and it’s held up very well. I’m thinking about getting a Killer Bee Ligustica HD belt for my purple. The War purple belt is a odd color.

TBear says March 9, 2012

I have used HCK, Koral, Atama, and War.

Out of all three of those the War is acually my least favorite. I don’t like how they attached the rank bar with one line of stitching up the middle it just looks a little funny. The stitching on it is kinda wonky to. Not worth the money IMO.

The HCK is a really nice belt, not to thick not to thin, takes quite a bit of breaking in, they will never hang straight down no matter what you do to it so if you don’t like the “Kung Fu belt” look this ones for you. The ranking bar is by far the best one I’ve ever seen on a belt, Its not a piece of fabric that wraps around the belt like most BJJ belts out there, its like its 2 different colors on the same piece of fabric, only thing that sticks out a bit is the white bars, some people like them, some don’t I think they add a nice little bit or flair to the belt.

The Atama belt is another really good belt, nice and thick, feels like your wearing a belt, but its not heavy feeling like the War belt, so if you like that sort of thing this is the one for you. My only qualm is once again the wrap around fabric on the belt is just to wonky for me and a couple other guys at my gym have them and the length of the bar varies as well as the distance between the tip of the belt and the start of the bar, some are very far away from the tip which looks funny and some are super close which also looks funny. I actually removed the black bar on my Atama belt and added my own with some very thin red fabric with a fabric adhesive, it looks alot better and looks (like the HCK) like the bar is just part of the belt not a separate piece of fabric, takes a little patience but its worth it. It also gets a nice “worn out” look to it after 6 months to a year of hard use, it frays around the knot, so if your into that looks go with this one. I liked it added a big of character to the belt. (HCK, Koral and War do not wear out like this.)

The Koral belt is a bit thinner than the Atama, feels very flimsy, not much heft to it. I really dislike the stitching on the rank bar, the contrast is super noticable (i.e. the koral brown belt has a row of brown stitching thought the black bar) not a fan of that. The more expensive Koral Black belt though with the Kanji on it is well worth the money, you see alot of top level guys with this belt and it is definitely a step above the cheaper ones in terms of quality and heft. So if you are a black belt Koral is nice, if not I’d avoid it.

So for me if your getting a new belt, HCK is the best value, Only problem is they are not as easy as people think to find. Atama is a close second, but your rolling the dice of the kind of rank bar your going to get. HCK is consistent with their belts which is nice.

Nicole says May 2, 2012

I had a Fushida belt when I was a white belt that was my favorite. It’s pretty wide, and thick, softens up nicely and stays tied well. Check the sizes when ordering though, as I believe their belts are way longer than others. Or maybe it was way shorter…I can’t remember, just check! I have since had JJPG and OTM and I don’t care much for either of those. Incidentally, the JJPG blue belt looks a little purple, which caused some major confusion and gentle teasing.

    Brendan says May 2, 2012

    This is great advice Nicole. Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment. I’ve had atama and gameness. Atamas always treated me very well. Not too keen on the Gameness.

Darqnezz says May 28, 2013

I’m getting the belt from X-Guard. It looks good on the site, and a couple of buddies love them.

Jeff says June 28, 2013

Here’s what I have so far- Tatami, Atama, WAR, Koral, Scramble, and a Vulkan. I have a Kataaro/Meerkatsu/Modern Flow collaboration and a Fushida on order. Why so many? I’m on a search for the best quality belt that has the color scheme I like. I come from a karate background, and am not a huge fan of the pastel coloring (I like dark blues and even darker purples). However, I’m willing to put that aside if it means I get a good quality belt. (Disclaimer- I’m a white belt. But really, what does it matter? I’m also a solid A1 waist at 5’9″ and 140 lbs.)

Here’s my breakdown:

Tatami- Love the color scheme, not a fan of the quality. It felt rather thick and rubbery, where it was twisting on itself when I would tie it. Kept coming undone during rolls. Never broke in. Eventually removed this from my rotation.

Atama- Nice and soft, but the rank bar was sewn on rather flimsily. Took this one out of the rotation, too. Gave it to my instructor so he could have one available for the next person that started and didn’t have one.

WAR- Love the quality, but I’ve heard of so many variances in quality, I don’t know what to say. The rank bar on mine wasn’t perfect, but was sewn on well. I really like the thought of using single weave material, and it held up very well. Took a while to break in, but it stayed tied after that point. My issue came when I washed it. It shrank at least 2 inches, to the point where it was a bit too small for me. Eventually gave it to my girlfriend since she started, and has a smaller waist than me. It’ll fit her great.

Koral/Vulkan- I’m bundling these two because I feel they’re very similar. Great quality. Nice and soft. Even the stitching is very similar. Didn’t take nearly as long to break in as the WAR. Stay tied when rolling about 90% of the time. However, I’m not a fan of the color scheme (too pastel for me). However, I feel they’re solid belts that would make lots of people happy.

Scramble: I love the extra Kanji they put on the belt. Plus the color scheme is pretty close to what I want. However, it’s super, super stiff. I had a hard time tying it straight out of the box. I’m curious to see if it will even break in. It’s been coming untied in drills, let alone during rolls.

Also, I’m on the lookout for a Fokai. If anyone knows where to get one, please let me know. One of my buddies swears by them, but he doesn’t even know where to get one (he was awarded with his when he was promoted to Blue).

BRENOBTT says June 13, 2015

X-Guard belts are the best belt so far in the market., I had atama, gameness before .,.. X-guard belt is thick and a solid belt I’m very happy with my brown belt ,,,, I already ordered a black belt from xguard with instructor stripes!!! I give xguard 5 stars for the belt ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frank says May 25, 2016

I always use Vulkan belts. They are pretty much the same as Koral. Super soft and last forever. My blue and purple faded because I wash them and dry them all the time. I would recommend them.

Pierce Walsh says May 26, 2016

I wore my M.A.R martial arts blue belt for every competition and training session for almost 3 years, for 10 euros, there is no better belt.

Jamie says May 26, 2016

I have a killer bee gi material belt that I really like. Slightly different than the norm. I want to try a green gi belt, however, but ill wait til blue for that.

chance says July 14, 2016

i love my moya brand belt. its really thick, but stays tied really well. the blue color is also really nice. really deep and rich

Jake says August 8, 2016

I’ve used Fuji belts as that’s what they give out at our school (though they’ve recently changed to some custom embroidery shop up the road). It doesn’t stay tied, and the edges are starting to fray out, even though it’s only seen 9 months of wear (daily, with daily washings tho). Their blue fades to what looks like “you washed a white belt with a non-colorfast blue gi”.
If I had all the money to spend, I’d get an Eosin Panther belt. My other belts are from from there, and everyone who’s got one of his colored (and black) BJJ belts seem to love them.

okiwen says October 1, 2016

DOM belts are pretty awesome, as are their gis. They shrink a lot but solid.

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