War Tribe’s Trifecta of Awesome Gis Part 3: The Black Widow Gi

War Tribe’s Trifecta of Awesome Gis Part 3: The Black Widow Gi

War Tribe Gear Black Widow Gi Review


War Tribe Gear has become a staple of the gi market, with super attractive products that feature cutting edge materials.  I was extremely excited to get my hands on not one but THREE of their gis to review and compare – Precision, Flow, and Black Widow.  This review is of the excellent War Tribe Black Widow Gi.

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You’ve probably seen our review of the War Tribe Kevlar gi, a bold and stunning product put out only a short while ago.  The company has grown a bit, and has diversified their product offering.

The Black Widow gi is a midlevel model, as it doesn’t feature Kevlar, but it is made of the same premium fabrics as War Tribe’s top of the line gis.

This gi along with the others that War Tribe sent me to review are absolutely gorgeous, and all performed very well.  Lets take a look at some of the finer details of each gi individually.


The War Tribe Black Widow gi in A3 fits me the perfectly, like the Precision Gi.  I generally prefer the A2L size for gis, this gi fit me as close to an A2L as an A3 ever has.  That said, if you are not built like me (6’1, ~200 Lbs), you may be dissatisfied with the fit.  Check your measurements!  Of the three gis, the Flow gi is the one that fits me like most A3’s.

A:  6.75gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart

B:  29

C:  32.25

D: 23.25

E: 21.75

F: 12

G: 9.25

H: 38


This gi’s color scheme is relatively simple: black fabric, red contrast stitching and sublimated spiderweb themed paneling/slit lining.

The main logo of War Tribe is a stylized W with a T as the central branch.  They also use the slogan “Born for this” on their company crest which I really like.

The colors of all three of these gis “pop” nicely, black and red is always an awesome combination, makes you look like a ninja on the mat.

The gi is simple enough to be considered “modest” but flashy enough to be distinct.  The jacket has the WT symbol on one sleeve, a sort of company crest on the other and the full name on the left side of the chest.

The gi has soft branded seam tape over ripstop on all cuffs, openings and hems.  I like how War Tribe pairs the seamtape with ripstop.

Probably the coolest part of this gi is that it kind of looks like a spiderman gi, with its color scheme and its red and black sublimated panels, it’s not though it’s the Black Widow gi!

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The jackets that War Tribe sent me are all made of the same ultra soft honecomb weave.  This is by far the softest most comfortable gi material I’ve ever seen, so soft that I was concerned that it would affect the functionality of the gi.

Surprisingly the fabric doesn’t stretch much, unlike many other similar weaves.  It was a real delight to wear this gi jacket.

This gi has a thinner collar than its two counterparts, this didn’t really cause me any problems but it was the one discernible difference.  The collar is ripstop over EVA foam.


The soft 100% ripstop pants are nice, but I feel like War Tribe took a step back when the went from stretchy rope to flat draw strings.

On the up side, the soft ripstop pants have full length double fabric knee covering which is a great feature.

There’s not much to say about these pants, they’re comfy and well made.

Rolling Performance

The gi performs like it looks: amazingly.

I’ve found that this gi and the Precision gi both fit me so well that they outperform a lot of other gis.

The lightness and softness of the gi makes amazing to wear while rolling.

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If you like the styling of War Tribe, get one, or all, of their gis.  They make a slick and impressive product.  I was really happy to finally get to test their gis out, and each one of them far exceeded any of my expectations.  They are as functional as they are attractive.  For War Tribe's full product offering, go to http://wartribegear.com/

Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of gireviews.net) for review.  I have never done any work with or for War Tribe. Generally my reviews are done over the course of 4-8 months to really allow the gi to wear and determine its durability, but for the sake of giving Black Friday shoppers the opportunity to be aware of War Tribe’s offering, I only reviewed these gis for 2 months.  Therefore I cannot speak to their long term durability.

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