War Tribe Hydrogen: A Gi That’s Lighter Than Air

War Tribe Hydrogen: A Gi That’s Lighter Than Air

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear


War Tribe has consistently released solid and innovative products for the jiu-jitsu gear market.  I recently had a chance to review their Hydrogen gi, an ultra light weight addition to the War Tribe lineup.  Having reviewed 3 other War Tribe gis, all standard weight products, I was curious to see how this gi stacked up, was it of similar high quality to its heavier counterparts?

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This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of gireviews.net) for review.  I have never done any work with or for War Tribe.


In the past I personally reviewed the Flow, Precision and Black Widow gis.  All three of these were amazing products, but the Precision and Black Widow were my favorites, the Flow was just a bit baggier.

When I heard that War Tribe was sending over another gi for review, I was excited.  I had read good things about the Hydrogen and the pictures of it made it look very attractive.  Over the next 4 and a half months I reviewed the gi, wearing it once a week.  If you’re not interested in reading further about the details of the gi, let me put it this way: this gi is amazing, get one.


The War Tribe Hydrogen gi (like the Precision and Black Widow) in A3 fits me perfectly.  I generally prefer the A2L size for gis, this gi fit me as close to an A2L as an A3 ever has.  The pants are a bit more fitted than the other models I’ve tried, but honestly that didn’t take anything away from the gi and my mobility was great in it.  That said, if you are not built like me (6’1, ~200 Lbs), you may be dissatisfied with the fit.  Check your measurements!

A:  6.25gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart

B:  30.5

C:  31

D: 24.25

E: 21.25

F: 12

G: 7.75

H: 37


This gi is sexy.

Throughout the entire gi, all of the contrast stitching is bi-color.  That is to say where normally you have a single color of contrast stitching, the Hydrogen has light blue and maroon stitching.  This makes the gi “pop” visually.

Apart from the contrast stitching, there are a couple of embroideries, namely War Tribe’s “Hydrogen Ultralight” logo which looks like an atom with War Tribe’s “WT” logo as the nucleus.  Other than that War Tribe chose to let this gi’s look speak for itself without adorning it with other patches or embroidery.

All trim on the gi is maroon twill, and the pants and collar fabric and seamtape is soft black ripstop.


The jacket of this gi is very well designed.

Fitting perfectly, this jacket is made of a lightweight 350 GSM pearl weave, the weave is quite fine.  I’ve seen this fabric many times on similar lightweight gis, but where War Tribe set themselves apart is by using a thicker collar than most of their competition goes with on these gis.

The top’s design is simple and attractive, featuring the Hydrogen’s signature bicolored contrast stitching throughout  and a single sleeve embroidery on the left sleeve. 

Because of how well the gi fits I found it to untuck less than other similar lightweight gis.

All venting on the gi top is made of maroon twill, and some less visible areas only have maroon contrast stitching.

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The pants on this gi are made of some of the lightest ripstop I’ve ever felt.  They were so light, in fact, that I expected them to tear during the review period, but they held up just fine.

My only minor complaint about the pants is that the maroon twill rope loops (that accommodate a stretchy rope) started fraying almost immediately.  This picture was taken after one wear and wash.

I found the pants to fight very tightly, but they still allowed mobility.  I don’t know if they would have been competition legal, but if they are they would provide me with a substantial competitive advantage.  All I had to do to strip pant grips was flex my leg.

Rolling Performance

This gi was awesome to roll in.  Because it is so light and breathable, it performed great on hot days.

Also because of how great it fits, it provided my training partners with fewer grips than many of my other gis.

I would wear this gi or a gi like it to compete if I needed a lightweight gi to make weight, but like any gi of this sort of weight it did come undone easier than heavier counterparts, however the fit reduced this effect substantially.


War Tribe continues to impress with their product lineup and as a reviewer any time I get an email that one is coming my way for review I get excited.  Their innovative fabrics and fantastic quality pair well with their impeccable cuts and fantastic looks.  If you like the aesthetic of this gi or want to explore War Tribe’s product line, check them out at www.wartribegear.com.

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