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War Tribe Gear Review Preview: A Trifecta of Gis

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

War Tribe Trifecta of Gis

Ever look at a company’s products and wonder how they stack up against each other?  Ever wonder if a gi company’s product line has variances in quality?  I know I have.

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

I recently received not one but three gis from War Tribe Gear for the purpose of review.  The products I received are: the Black Widow gi, the Precision Gi and the Flow Gi.  All three gis are made of War Tribe’s honeycomb weave, which is probably the softest I’ve ever seen.  I am apprehensive of the durability of the gis but other reviews I’ve read make it clear that these gis age well.

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Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

The Black Widow, Precision and Flow Gis

The Black Widow gi is a black gi with red contrast stitching and spider web themed lyrca in the yoke panel and the skirt slits.  The Flow Gi is a dark navy blue gi with yellow contrast stitching and a Lycra yoke panel and skirt slits with what looks like a splatter design.  The Precision gi is the highest model in the War Tribe lineup, with Kevlar reinforcements and stitching.  The gi is white and has the same lyrca yoke panel and skirt slits with a turquoise design.

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

Each of these gis is absolutely beautiful, and unbelievably, doubt inspiringly soft.  I’ve already washed the three of them, and have found that the black and white gi fit best after the first wash, with the navy gi being a touch baggy.  We’ll see if it (and/or the others) shrinks over time.  In about four months, I will provide a detailed review of each of these gis.  Stay tuned!

Gi Review: War Tribe Gear

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