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Vulkan Ultra Light Gi Review

Vulkan Ultra Light Gi Review

by Chino


I know that Vulkan is extremely well known, and probably does not need an additional evaluation, however i wanted give my take anyways.

Pre-roll review:

My school is really 90% Vulkan equipment, so I was already pretty sure what to expect so far as appearance, but nobody has the blue Vulkan Ultra Light. Very razor-sharp! This really is only my second uniform, along with my first as being a Gameness Pearl. The very first thing I figured was “holy crap, this thing is soft!” I don’t know if I'm washing my Gameness wrong or something like that, however that thing is actually beyond rigid.

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Gi Review: Vulkan Ultra Light

The Vulkan Ultra Light is so soft, I wager I could sleep inside it! While still being very soft, the construction is certainly not short of awesome. Doesn’t really feel flimsy in the slightest little bit, and also the training collar is just as heavy if not thicker than my gameness, and nice and firm! Generally, I must say that this seems to be lighter in weight compared to gameness.

Post-roll review:

Gi Review: Vulkan Ultra Light
I rolled with the Vulkan Ultra Light last night, and I am nevertheless blown away by how cozy it was! Prior to rolling the actual gi fit very well with the sleeves coming maybe a 1/4″ previous my arms as well as my trousers dangling just over the top of  my feet. It had been kind of humid yesterday so our gym got tacky here real quick, thus plenty of sweat.

Gi Review: Vulkan Ultra Light

I did not discover any kind of difficulties with dampness in my uniform (and I sweat a lot!) however the uniform did extend a little, so the sleeves had been right now an inch past my arm, and also the trousers type of relaxed on the top of my feet.I haven't cleaned it yet (doing the actual vineger bath throughout lunch these days), however threw this in the dryer today simply to check it.

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Jacket and Trousers

To my pleasure, the sleeves had been already a half in. behind my arm, and also the trousers simply over my personal feet. I am certain that having a full clean and then drying out it will likely be ideal!

Gi Review: Vulkan Ultra Light

I am past pleased with this purchase, although I would order a good Vulkan Ultra Light A2 the next time just to see the difference, and simply because, as mentioned, I want to contend at feather, a smaller gi for my weight reduction can be a much better idea. Overall, its an incredible Uniform and I am annoyed I didnt understand this because my very first gi, although I may happen to be ruined in the get-go!

Gi Review: Vulkan Ultra Light



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