Viking Gear MMA’s Fenrir God Slayer Master: A Gi Fit For Odin



Carving a niche in the gear market, Viking Gear MMA offers a particular product for a particular kind of customer.  They sent us their Fenrir God Slayer Master gi for review, how did it hold up?  Did it allow me to drink from the skulls of my enemies?  Or are they selling wolf tickets? 


This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for Viking Gear MMA.


Viking themed products are a mixed bag, because of the over the top imagery, use of runes and general “I exclusively listen to Amon Amarth and Ensiferum, wear a kilt in public and carry a drinking horn around with me because that’s my jam” kind of aesthetic you’ll either love or hate the look of this gi. 

The gi arrived back in late July and has undergone a 4.5 month review period in which I ascertained its quality and got a feel for what kind of product we’re dealing with. 

The gi, which was made in Pakistan, features a sublimated rash guard lining and some interesting embroideries.  

The gi arrived with care instructions printed separately. 


I’m 6’1, 195.  The best fit for me is usually an A2L.  Viking Gear doesn’t offer an A2L but their A2 seemed close enough.  The gi fit fine, I’d say above average as far as fit goes.  The pants were a touch short


A:  6.75

B:  27.5

C:  31

D: 21.5

E: 22

F: 13

G: 9

H: 37


As of late I’ve released a string of very positive reviews of gis that I’ve enjoyed greatly, this is a departure from that trend.  The quality of the gi was decent enough so if you like the way the gi looks, go for it, but I was not a fan of the design at all.

The gi is made of a grey pearl weave with rip stop pans and blue stitching.  The trim on the gi is blue rip stop, and all of the seam tape is affixed to the outside of the gi (a design choice that generally doesn’t work out in my opinion.)  In some places this seam tape began to fray.  This didn’t affect the performance of the gi but it sure is ugly.

The gi has one patch featuring Viking Gear’s logo, and a couple of blue embroideries featuring an image of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) and a large embroidery on one of the arms. 

To me, the most visually offensive aspect of the gi is Viking Gear MMA’s font of choice.  If you like it, all the more power to you…

The most prominent feature of the gi is inside of the jacket: an extensive print of a wolf with a whole lot of gobbledygook in both runes as well as what appears to be a Nordic language. 


The 550 gsm pearl weave jacket has 3 of the same black patches with blue writing.  These say “Viking Gear MMA” and feature an image of Mjolnir.  The same patch appears on the pants.

The bottom of the jacket and the cuffs feature seam tape that has a similar font and layout.  Externally. 

The left sleeve has extensive embroidery that runs for about a foot of the sleeve.  This is actually a visual feature that I thought looked pretty cool but it became an irritant during rolling as the fabric inside is rougher at this point.  Of all the design points on this gi I felt this was actually somewhat redeemable though…

The interior of the gi features a large sublimated rash guard material panel with Fenrir giving you the ole stank eye.  Underneath ole Big Dawg there is a bunch of runic writing, and then on either skirt there is similar writing but in what appears to be a different language entirely.  I don’t speak Thor so I’m not sure what is written but I’m assuming it translates to something like:

“Something something Vikings something wolf something Odin something Thor something something something”

The rash guard lining only extends a bit past the armpit so it’s functionally like having a short sleeve rash guard sewn into the gi. 


The pants on this gi are actually pretty simple.  Made of rip stop, they feature a 6 loop + melted stretchy rope closure.  Like the top the trim is blue rip stop.

Both hips feature the same patch as up top, and of course the cuffs have seam tape. 

The full length double material on the knee was a nice touch, and there is an image of Mjolnir on the right shin with a “Viking Gear” branding hit.  Funning thing is the font of this branding is very different from the font on the patches and seam tape and quite frankly if the whole gi featured this font I’d probably have liked it better.

Rolling Performance

I have mixed feelings about rash guard material inside of my gis.  I get that there are some benefits but honestly it winds up making the gi feel a bit heavier than normal and messes with how the fabrics wick sweat. 

For me, though, the biggest issue on this gi was the sleeve embroidery.  I have sensitive skin on my arms and something like this was a constant source of irritation. 

The fit was good, so that helped, but I would not compete in this gi due to other design issues.


I feel bad reporting my opinions of this design because they are just that, opinions.  I pride myself and Gi Reviews for always reporting the truth in the eyes of the reviewer.  The truth is the quality of this gi is fine.  The truth is the design is straight forward and looks almost exactly as it does in pictures on the website.  If you like the design, or want to check out Viking Gear’s other products hit them up at  They offer an impressive 1 year warranty. 


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