VHTS Galaxy BJJ Gi Review

VHTS Galaxy BJJ Gi Review

VHTS Galaxy BJJ Gi Review

by Mario Barrios


An amazing gi loaded with premium features normally reserved for higher end priced gis. As always VHTS offer great quality, great fit (for my body type at least), good price and an even greater customer service to boot. You can really tell the brand is growing when you see this latest gi offering and how they’ve taken some risks that have definitely paid off. I’ve had 10 gis from different brands and by far my favorite is the VHTS Galaxy.

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vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 4

When I first saw the gi it immediately caught my eye. I’ve wanted a black gi ever since I saw Meerkatsu review the Atama Mundial #9. There’s something about black gis that just looks “formal” if you will.

I already have a black gi, a Gameness Air (it looks grey now), but I’ve never really liked it, so when the chance to own a real black gi (not faded black) came along I jumped on it. This Gi was kept in the dark, just little bits and pieces where shown and all the while I only knew it was a black gi with purple and grey accents.

When you factor in that it’s a 550gsm jacket (really prefer beefier gis) it was right up my alley.


vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 1

The gi is a 550gsm jacket with 8oz cotton pants with a pearl weave crotch. The jacket is not heavy although it seems really thick. I made the error of going against what the company suggested (they suggested an A1) and I ordered an A0.

When I tried it on the pants were ok but the jacket was just way too tight and constricting to the point where I couldn’t lift my arms or place them straight in front of me.

Once again the great customer service to my rescue, I was able to exchange the gi for my correct size.

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 8

I’m 5´2” and 150pounds and upon trying out the A1 it fit me PERFECT so I have taken extra means to only cold wash and hang dry (no shrinkage for me).


vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 5

This are the current stats, I did not take the measurements when it was brand new.

Width at Skirt: 22”

Jacket Length: 27.5”

Armpit to Skirt: 17.5”

Wingspan: 63”

Sleeve Width: 6.25”

Pants Length: 36”

Pants Width: 20”


vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 12

One thing I love about VHTS gis is the fact that the gis are minimalistic but offer a great design. It’s not just a blank design, it’s a gi with a lot of character but minimalistic (not a lot of patches and over the top embroidery) I really like that since I’m not a flashy guy.

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 9

The Gi looks clean, as simple as that, a white contrast stitching on the pants (knee reinforcements), grey trim on the jacket and purple, grey and blue embroidery.

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 3

The word I always choose to describe this gi is “premium” and the design and style is definitely premium as well.

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vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 7

The jacket is super soft! As always with VHTS the lapel features a NAME/AFILIATION TAG which I think is super cool and a way to customize your gis. One thing that makes this gi a premium is the rashguard lining inside of the jacket. It doesn’t have a full rashguard lining, rather just the shoulders.

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 6

Once you put it on your shoulders are in for a treat. When I put it on, I was at home and I remember shouting to my family “this thing is incredible”. I’ve never had a gi with rashguard lining and don’t know if they’re as comfortable as this one but it’s truly a really nice feature. Once you’re rolling you continue to feel your shoulders and how they’re just pampered with this (I truly invite you guys to try it out).

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 10

The collar is super thick, and the jacket is definitely competition or “tapered” cut. The skirt length is great for me (not as short as the VHTS G1) and also the sleeves are more tapered (great for getting out of spider guard).


vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 11

I have a mixed feeling about the trousers. I really like the cotton and how it feels. The trousers really look bomb proof but they are heavier, obviously more so than ripstop trousers. Now ripstop trousers are difficult since some are great and some much less than great.

These pants are awesome. I would have liked to also have the option of some ripstop cotton trousers. I compare this to the VHTS G1, which was incredibly comfortable and (you guessed it) RIPSTOP.

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 14

One thing I liked and it was something I took a jab at on my first review, is the knee reinforcements. The trousers have AN AMAZING knee reinforcement area (a layer of pearl weave) normally trousers just have another layer of cotton or ripstop but these have a pearlweave knee reinforcement that really stands out (the gusset is also pearl weave)

Rolling Performance

vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 13

The gi is a delight to roll in; it is heavy, thick and looks AMAZING. When Rolling the main factor is that you do not take into account “ohh I have a heavy cotton cloth over me which hinders my movement and makes me feel uncomfortable” and this gi is amazing when it comes to rolling. The rashguard lining makes your shoulders feel great and the whole gi moves with you and does not limit movement.

I’ve started to do some “inverting” (not yet berimbolo) and with this gi it’s a pleasure, the fact that you’re rolling on your shoulder and that your shoulders have a soft rashguard beneath them just makes inverting that much more fun.

The knee reinforcements really come to play when you’re rolling. You can confidently go for a takedown and not be worried if you’ll hurt your knees.


vhts galaxy jiu jitsu gi review 12

The gi is near perfect. If I had to take the gi under a microscope I’d probably find thins I do not like, but so far none has caught my eye. All the stitching is perfect without loose seams. The jacket is a wonder to roll in and also the trousers.

The gi really feels like it can take a beating and come back for more and I’m sure it’ll outlast me. I’ve washed the gi a lot of times so far and the rich dark black is as rich and as dark as when I first tried it on. The guys from VHTS told me it would not fade and I didn’t believe them but once again they are true to their word. The fit for my body type is great and for my love of thick gis as well.

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If you like super lightweight or “summer weave” gis this is probably not for you. It is a premium daily training gi with a lot of bells and whistles that you really have to see (the rashguard art is amazing) and try on yourself so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’m very happy with this gi and, as a fan of VHTS, excited to see what they come out with next.

The only “bad” thing about the gi is all the attention it gets. Every time I train a lot of people want to stop to see it, ask me about it. Even my instructor went so far as to tell me to take off the jacket so he could see the rashguard lining, an amazing response for a great gi.

Disclosure: Last year I bought my first VHTS, their startup gi, the G1. This was the first gi I bought (my other gis have been gifts and/or prizes). I was so happy with the customer service and gi quality. 


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