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Venum Power Gi Reviews

Venum Power Gi Reviews

Gi Review: Venum Power


The Venum Power gi is a pretty cool gi.  And its offered in the sand / tan color which sin't very common.  The jacket is one piece and is made in Brazil.  It advertises itself as a strong training and competition gi, but not a ‘lightweight' gi. (See below that the Venum weighs 4-6lbs).  The collar is fairly hard and the stitching appears to be solid.  Like Koral, Venum gis don't come with belts.

On a side note, they DO come with a sticker and a crazy “mini” gi that you have to see to believe.

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Venum Power Gi Size Chart

Gi Review: Venum Power

A0: 5'1″ – 5'3″   -less than 121pds
A1: 5'4 – 5'7″    -110/138 pds
A2: 5'8 – 5'10'   -139/187 pds
A3: 5'11”-6'2″   -165/209 pds
A4: 6'3″- 6'5″    -211/248 pds
A5: 6'5″/+++    -249/280 pds

A0 : 155/160 cm, less than 55 kgs
A1 : 161/170 cm, 50/63 kgs
A2 : 171/178 cm, 63/85 kgs
A3 : 179/188 cm, 75/95 kgs
A4 : 189/195cm, 96/113 kgs
A5 : 196/+++, 113/127 kgs 

Venum Power Gi Weight

**The following weights are an approximation**

A1 – 4.2 lbs
A2 – 4.8 lbs
A3 – 5.0 lbs
A4 – 5.6 lbs
A5 – 5.8 lbs

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User Reviews

via Voodooplata

Ok, so i bought the Venum Power Gi last Wednesday and have now had the chance to roll a bit with it. I got the sand-coloured one, since i figured if i like it i’m going to buy a blue one anyways, and if i didn’t like it, at least it’d have an original colour. Bought the gi Wednesday from, props for really helpful responses to my questions regarding sizing – i shipped it all the way to Sweden, so i didn’t want to have to send it back since the shipping was $60. Shipping is also available for $30 if you have more patience than I do.

If you really want a picture of something in particular regarding the gi, i’ll see if i can get it done.

On to the review! I will be comparing the gi to a Koral MKM Competition Pro, a Koral Ultra Light and a Vulkan Summer Light. This is lighter than the MKM, but not as light as the other two at all – not a problem since it isn’t designed to be really light. The material is quite thick and textured, it feels a bit ropey, but it isn’t very stiff. The MKM is softer in my opinion, but the feel of the material isn’t as sandpapery as the light gis.

I am 5’9 and 160 lbs, 176 cm and 72 kg. I have broad shoulders and not a lot of body fat, on the athletic side over all. Arms and legs are on the shorter side. I bought the gi in A2, and the jacket was a bit big out of the box. I colour-stayed it with vinegar and washed on a cold cycle, then dried it for 10 mins at a time in the dryer on medium heat. It shrank very nicely to a perfect fit. The pants already fit well, and i was told by the guys at budovideos that they wouldn’t shrink so i didn’t try it. The patches aren’t made of the same material as the rest of the jacket, so they bunched minimally when it shrank. Minimally. The other three gis i have haven’t shrunk in the least, so i was happy to find one that did.

Fit of the jacket is just perfect. One detail to note is when i hang the jacket next to my others the others tend to open up under their own weight, while the Venum is cut so that it tends to close on it’s own. This was very noticeable in training, the gi behaved like no other i have owned. It stayed put the entire time, no stretching out of shape like the Vulkan and it didn’t even come out of my belt many times even during hard sparring. All credit to the cut and the material. Also, the material didn’t feel soaking wet even when it had a lot of sweat on it, i didn’t get that “wet towel”-feeling from it. When i wore my Koral ultra light to training the next day, it was very obvious that the Koral opened up and came undone a lot more frequently, and had a less comfortable feeling when wet. Collar is really stiff, but it’s broad rather than thick and so fits snugly. Five stars to the jacket.

The pants are very, very tough – i can’t see these tearing ever. If i fall into a volcano wearing these pants, they’ll come floating up. The drawstring is kind of a bummer to tie, and it untied itself a couple of times in training because the material is so stiff – a rope would have been better. Also, the pants bunch around my waist a lot more than the other pants i have, again because the material is so thick. They seem to be difficult to grab though, and i like the over-the-top crudeness – they feel brutal, not cheap. They go high up on my waist, which i don’t like, but the cut doesn’t limit movement of the legs and they don’t have excessive cloth in the crotch or ass areas. Four stars to the pants.

Overall: I’m getting a blue one for Christmas. This is far and away the most comfortable gi i have had, it looks fantastic (if you don’t like sand just get the blue or white, don’t hate) and it really lets me forget that i’m wearing it while i train. Buy this gi pronto, it is worth the extra cash.

Ha det fett, rulla snällt!

UPDATE: I now have two of these. They’re terrific, but the stitching on the patches is poor and the patches came off of both the gis. I hope this Venum Gi Review will help you alot.

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via Contributor

A lot of hype about this gi and people wanting to know more about it and see pics of the color. So I am throwing up a quick review.

First of all, sizing is different, so watch out if ordering one.

Second of all, its amazing. The colour is sooooo sweet. It doesn't look anything like a dirty gi. It also doesn't look like an unbleached gi. It's totally different. I'll post pics of it next to one of my older, most discoloured gis. So you can see the difference. I am also putting it next to my new Lovato gi, so you can see the difference.

A lot of you know, I own a lot of gis, from a lot of different companies. This is as nice or nicer than almost all of my gis. With exception of Lovato, its the softest gi I own. It appears to be of the highest quality, and I would put this against any of my other gis. The collar is good, stiff and pretty thick.

The pants are amazing. I love the fact that they use white stitching. It really pops.

I am 5’9 1/2, 180lbs. I got an A3, which is a size larger than I usually get.(A2 is my size) After a hot wash and dry, it fits me really good.

It shrank a minimal amount. Not much at all.


Update (04/06/2017): This gi is no longer available for purchase.

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