Valor Fightwear – Victory Gi

Valor Fightwear – Victory Gi

About Valor Fightwear

Valor Fightwear is a new BJJ Gi company out of England. One of the harder parts for a new company to get right is the design, and Valor really made a splash with us in regards to the aesthetic of their Gis. They look super clean and well thought out without going overboard.

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Technical Specs

  • 450 Gram Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Rip Stop Covered Rubberised Lapel
  • Contrast Stitching
  • Tailored Cut for a better fit
  • 8oz Canvass Cotton Trousers
  • 4 Drawstring Loops to keep the drawstring in the correct position and to stop it moving around
  • Super Thick Duo Layer Rope Drawstring
  • FREE Drawstring GI Bag

The Valor Victory GI is a premium lightweight GI made from a 450gram pearl weave that's lightweight, durable and comfortable to train in.

The GI jacket is has a tailored cut so it fits closer to the body giving it a better fit than most standard GIs. It features contrast stitching, stylish Valor patches and embroideries and a Rip Stop covered rubberised lapel.

The Pants are made from 8oz canvass cotton and feature contrast stitching, drawstring loops and Drawstring. The Drawstring is our very own Super Thick Duo Layer Rope Drawstring. Its twice as thick as most other rope drawstrings and features a canvass cotton outer layer and a thick slightly elasticated inner core. These are the best drawstrings on any GI we have seen!

Each GI comes with a free drawstring GI bag.

Sizing information:

Height Weight Size
5'2-5'8 55-70 Kilo A1
5'9-5'11 71-86 Kilo A2
6'0-6'2 87-102 Kilo A3
6'2-6'3 103-120 Kilo A4




Let's start with the top. The top fit superbly. My 5'10” 205lb frame fit in their A2 quite comfortable.  Their claim of a tailored fit was validated the first time I put the jacket on. Prior to putting the jacket on, I was instantly impressed with their awesome logos and the embroidery used to construct them. The first logo, shown below next to the collar, has the companies name embroidered in very clean typography. The gi was quite light. This is my first grey Gi and honestly wish more people would wear them because they look awesome.

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi

The arm embroidery (it's on both arms) is also squeaky clean. The embroidery itself is of good quality and the design is easy to look at. My favourite Gis are those that make a brand statement but do so in a minimalist fashion. I think Valor Fightwear achieves this and makes it look easy while doing it.

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi

The navy contrast stitching was an excellent choice, you can see how beautifully it goes  with the grey they used just by looking at the “Victory” embroidery near the bottom of the skirt.

A very standard triple stitched seam tape is used for the sleeve taping.

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The pants are VERY light. They are listed as 8 oz cotton but I truly feel as if they are the lightest pair I own. It leads me to wonder about the long term durability of these pants, although the gi IS marketed as being a competition gi. The knee reinforcements are quite long.

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi

The poker chip logo on the pants looks great and the embroidery is just as solid as that found on the top. Although I was originally bothered by the thickness and shortness of the stretchy rope drawstring, I stopped tying it in the traditional manner and just made a knot. It stayed put during sparring and came undone easily enough when I was done. So for those giving this Gi a shot go with a small knot vice the old bunny ears and it will work just grand.

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi

In an effort to keep the pants lighter they went with a very thin seam tape for the bottom of the pants. Personally I prefer a 10oz cotton pant, but these did hold up in training.

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi


Grey is sexy. Super clean with beautiful touches. A brand to follow for sure.

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