TOP SECRET! Exclusive info on the next four Shoyoroll Batches (13-16)

TOP SECRET! Exclusive info on the next four Shoyoroll Batches (13-16)

TOP SECRET! Exclusive info on the next four Shoyoroll Batches (13-16)

Well, despite a lot of naysayers (myself included), it actually looks like Shoyoroll might come out with their scheduled 10 gis this year!

I think that if I had to pick a favorite upcoming batch, I couldn't (but it'd probably be Batch 13).  But I'm REALLY looking forward to the Charles Lew, The Competitor, and the Forever Rolls gi. Read on for more details on these!

Below is a quick update of some of the new gis (sorry, no photos.. yet!) that will be coming out this year.

Shoyoroll Batch #13

Charles Lew – Landing in October. The Guma version of this gi has a turquoise crotch and I'm definitely going to be getting it.

Gold Star – Landing in November.  This gi looks pretty cool in the mockup, but will likely look amazing in person.  The issue is that with more customization, there is more risk of screw-ups.  I've already seen a few pictures of The Ring with missing quotes inside the jacket and upside-down patches.  The more awesome you make a gi, the more likely things are to get messed up in the factory. With that said, I'm still on the fence.

Shoyoroll Batch #14


The Competitor (White, Blue & Black)

**Black is a Guma EXCLUSIVE!

I’m really excited about these gis.  I have been wanting one since I first saw them worn by their athletes in competition. Very excited.  I'll likely grab it in white and blue.

Cements (Black & White)

**White is a Guma EXCLUSIVE!

I know some people are REALLY excited about this gi, but I’m not sold on it at all. You know that I’m a lover of all things bling, but this really isn’t my style. Pass.

Her Honor

Breast Cancer awareness gi.  $20 of each sale will go to a breast cancer charity of Shoyoroll’s choice.  The gi will also be available in female/fitted sizes.  I'll likely pass on this, but it is really cool.

A00F: 85-100 lbs, 4'9″ – 5′

A0F: 100-120 lbs, 5′ – 5'3″

A1F: 115-140 lbs, 5'3″ – 5'7″

Shoyoroll Batch #15

DLUX (White)

With all of the awesome gis coming out this year, I’ll probably have to pass on this one.

Forever Rolls (Unbleached) **GUMA EXCLUSIVE!

I bet this gi is going to be really really cool when it comes out.  Shoyoroll has never done anything like it before.  I’ll definitely be picking it up.

Shoyoroll Batch #16 and beyond

SYR will be releasing a batch with kids, women, and standard fits before Christmas. No specifics yet.

Guma 2013 Memberships

These will go on sale some time in November.  This is awesome as the Christmas eve sale of last year was bad news for a lot of people.

I’m sure a post like this raises more questions than it answers, but feel free to post them in the comments below and I’ll let you know what I can!


  1. I’m hoping that I can pick up a GUMA membership for 2013! (fingers crossed). Even if I just buy one or two gi’s, avoiding the onslaught of the general public release would be worth it.

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to. I think that’s the biggest draw. And I hope their 2013 Guma gi is way better than the 1751 (which I wasn’t really impressed with). I’d love a gi more like the Rio Koi.

          • “Charles Lew – Landing in October. The Guma version of this gi has a turquoise crotch and I’m definitely going to be getting it.”

            Is the Charles Lew still coming out in October? Only 1 week left.

          • Brandon, by the way, I agree with you that the Charles Lew looks better than Goldstar in the mock up. I love my BLACKstar, but I am not crazy about the goldstar. You would think that they could have had more GOLD on the “GOLDSTAR”.

            Thanks again to the person that posted the pics of the mockups on Sherdog. I really do appreciate it. I don’t know why Shoyoroll could not do this for customers that spend lots of money on Shoyoroll gis.
            Its not like it takes away from the hype. Shoyoroll likes to play with our emotions. Not how I would treat valued customers!

          • True, Harry. But you also have to see it from the Guma members point of view. If Guma members didn’t get anything special, then why would they pay for the program again in the future? I guess I just don’t personally feel like they have any responsibility to me beyond providing items that I’ve paid for 🙂

          • I see your point Brandon, and perhaps I should have purchased the membership. However, I felt uneasy about buying the membership without being able to see the 1751 Gi before paying. I already have 12 Shoyoroll Gi’s and should go talk to my shrink about this addiction. LOL!

            I do feel a bit alienated though not even being able to see upcoming Gi’s after spending so much money on Shoyoroll Gi’s.

            Guma get their own members only Gis, discounts, guaranteed ability to purchase any Gi, t-shirts ect. Again, if I could see the Guma Gi before I bought the membership, I would do so.

          • I actually think that the 1751 is insanely boring compared so things like the blackstar and rio koi. Those are the SYR gis that I like the most. But, I also understand that SYR had to make a middle of the road gi for the GUma membership. Nothing people would love, but also not one that people would hate.

          • I think the Blackstar will be hard to beat. It has just the right amount of Bling. The “in guard we trust”patch at the bottom of the jacket. The “mighty Lion” on the bottom of the jacket and pant leg. And obviously the red and yellow on Black make it really stand out. Also the pants are SUPER heavy duty! If you want light pants, the BlackStar is not for you, but if you want a heavy duty drill pant, you cannot do any better than BlackStar.

          • Hey Brendan, do you think you might design a Gi one day soon? You have seen so many Gi’s at this point, you must have a pretty good idea of what BJJ people are looking for.

          • LOL! For a kids Gi, it looks like a fun Gi . I think their is more flexibility for kids Gi’s. I think I will stick with my Shoyorolls and Atama’a for myself though.

      • You’re right. My wife was nice enough to pick me up a Rio Koi as a surprise and I love it! Super soft and was able to shrink the A3S perfect to my body. The artwork on the inside is pretty awesome too!

  2. Though you might not be excited about the cements, this batch is right up my alley. I’m addicted to sneakers and gis, so I’m pretty much set on gettin’ one of those cements (if the stars align and I don’t get screwed by the Shoyoroll purchasing experience).

  3. I want the forever rolls, too bad it’s guma only. means i’ll have to spend a fortune on ebay to get it. He might not be the god father of jiu-jitsu, but he was the greatest for his time. He was also who taught Master Jacare of Alliance

    • Yeah. I’ll be UBER interested in it. I really love that their bringing back and unbleached gi and I think this is a great venue to do it. Classic gi for one of the greats.

  4. Hey, I know you are a big SYR fan, but you may want to check out Badger Original Kimonos. They’ve been coming up with some pretty amazing designs and the gis are super light. Portions of the next gi, The Hero are being donated to a veteran charity. Supporting the BJJ community with a purpose. Check them out.

  5. awesome , thinking about the guma membership just for the forever rolls .. that’s a maybe .. because of the price .. but forsure i will be grabbing the lew !

  6. Great review Brendan. I’ve been able to purchase some great gi’s because of the Guma Reserve package. The blue and white comp lite XII, were worth it for me. I ordered the Gold Star, Cements, and Forever Rolls also. I wish I ordered the Charles Lew. I skipped the Her Honor, because I just purchased a Rio Koi for my wife. I can’t wait for the kids gi’s. I’m hoping an option for blue is available (my daughters like the blue gi’s) My only concern has been their customer service. The A1L Rio Koi problem has yet to be addressed by Shoyoroll. I’ve sent two e-mails with pics, and called, and I still have an irregular sized gi at my house. Kind of concerning, considering all the $$$ they’ve received from me. How this plays out will determine whether or not I purchase Guma 2013.

    • Even if you didn’t book it, you can still try to grab one =o)

      I would mention that in the email. Be very transparent with them and spell out all the money you are worth to a company. I’ve always found that helps. When I had trouble with my cable company over a $200 mischarge, I explained that if I left, they would lose $2400 over the next two years. It made economic sense for them to make me happy.

      • Thanks for the advice. I just sent them an e-mail. I’m literally shocked at the customer service. I’ll say this. My wife bought me the orangahangs from Origin, and one ended up ripping. She e-mailed them, and they sent me a new pair, no questions asked. I guess for now I’ll wait and see. I’ll keep you posted.

    • so those gi’s have already went on sale?? (kicking myself for not knowing about the guma last year). The forever rolls is going to be costly on ebay.

  7. Forgive my ignorance, what exactly is the process of an unbleached gi? The Charles Lew sounds awesome, and looks awesome from what I have seen via instagram. The Her Honor also sounds really cool, but from the sizes you posted, I won’t be able to fit into it. Le sigh
    . What are the realease dates for those?

  8. You can’t do those witness protection program style pics like you did for the Charles lew ;). Based on the sizes you posted for the the Her Honor Gi, I am out of the weight range, but you as saying those sizes are in conjunction with the regular sizes right? It is for a great cause. I know waay too many people who have been touched by Breast Cancer.

    • Hey Annie!

      I definitely should’ve done some like that haha. And yeah, they’ll have regular sizes too. No way are they going to release a gi only in small/skinny sizes.

  9. after seeing the mockup (not saying how or where) of the charles lew, it’s pretty feminine. Think i’ll pass on it but def go for the gold star and the forever rolls. what other color’s are associated with the forever rolls besides being non-bleached?

  10. I thought they already released the comp gis at worlds? Im from san jose so I have to get the lew with the san jose sharks colors!

  11. This is a great preview. As you had hinted to, could you please post a witness protection program picture of the her honor? Or at the very least spill the beans on the colorway?

    Thanks again for all your awesome gi information!

  12. Anyone know what the deal is with Batch 14 or 15? Didn’t they send out a pre-book for these to 2012 Guma members? So did they do away with these batches? Or are they only going to be available in 2013? If so what does that mean for 2012 Guma members who prebooked one and don’t get a 2013 Guma membership?

      • Thanks Anne, I was aware of this one, but what about the other four gis originally slated for batch 14 (which was supposed to come in multiple colors) and 15. Brendan can you shed any light on this, have you heard anything more about the Cements, The Competitor, Dlux, or Forever Rolls? Didn’t Guma 2012 members pre-book these? Are they only going to be available to Guma 2013 people? Are they no longer being offered? Anyone know anything about these four?

        • I think that will be a big point of contention. If the Guma program cuts off at the end of the year and despite pre-booking, you aren’t allowed to order them, people will be upset. But, I can also see 2013 members being upset if they can’t get them just because the idea came out in 2012.

          I think SYR’s best bet would be to offer them to both groups.

          You know as soon as I get word on any of these gis, it’ll be posted here or on our Facebook:

          or on twitter:


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