The Do or Die Hyperfly Premium Gi: Pretty Fly for a Gi Guy

The Do or Die Hyperfly Premium Gi: Pretty Fly for a Gi Guy

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Do or Die Hyperfly has cemented their position in the jiu jitsu community as one of the most sought after and respected brands.  I was sent their classic, cleanly designed and amazingly well made Premium gi for a review, I was not disappointed!


This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for Do Or Die Hyperfly.


I’ve always been a big fan of Do or Die Hyperfly.  Their designs are always so simple but at the same time so uniquely theirs.  I also love their slogan “You Can’t Teach Heart.”  When I was told I would be reviewing not one but two of their amazing products, I was delighted.

I received 2 gis from Do or Die Hyperfly back in August, actually specifically on my birthday, August 15th.  One was the upcoming release The Starlyte gi, for which I provided an early review in October.  I decided to push the Premium out a bit to see how the gi ages, and as with any product from this company that I’ve gotten my hands on, I was impressed by what I received.

Hyperfly Premium Gi Bag

Along with the Starlyte gi the Premium gi arrived in a nice drawstring bag and came with a set of Hyperfly branded foam nun chucks.


I’m 6’1, 195.  The size that tends to fit me best is A2L.  This Hyperfly Premium is an A2L and I can honestly say it fits the trend of A2L being my favorite size.  The gi fits me perfectly.

A:  6gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart

B:  29.75

C:  30.5

D: 23.25

E: 21

F: 12.1

G: 8.5

H: 39.5


The folks at Hyperfly knew what they were doing when they put this gi together.

The gi is simple enough, blue with white, black and silver accents.

The top is made of a beautiful pearl weave, the pants made of twill.  The cut of this gi is fitted for a perfect feel.

Hyperfly’s products are minimalistic but at the same time distinct.  The Hyperfly shield and logo placed in key spots to be visible and recognizable give the gi a signature look.


The jacket of this gi fits me perfectly, which automatically elevated it above many products I’ve reviewed.

Made of a 450 GSM pearl weave that Do or Die refers to as the “Hyperfly Weave” the top is neither particularly heavy, nor light.  If I was looking to cut weight I probably wouldn’t wear this gi, but rather would go for something lighter, and if I were looking for my heaviest most brutal feeling gi this wouldn’t be it either.  It’s a nice balance!

The EVA foam filled lapel is covered in the same lightweight twill from which the pants are made.  The thickness of the lapel is just right.

On the outside, this top is much like other Hyperfly products I’ve seen, the shield logo on either arm, a small Hyperfly patch in between the shoulders and the visually attractive strip of black twill taping across the bottom of the skirt and on the venting, with a single Hyperfly branding hit next to the left venting.

Inside of the gi is the always apropos “You Can’t Teach Heart” motto printed on inside of the bottom of the left skirt.  One interesting detail here: over the course of the test period this print didn’t budge.  Very often print inside a gi gets worn out over time, not this.

At the bottom of the jacket is a very attractive metallic taping with the Do or Die and Hyperfly branding.  The taping in the cuffs however is plain black twill, probably a better functional choice


Like the jacket, the trousers are extremely well made with tons of subtle features that make them awesome.

For starters, the pants only have 2 logo hits, a large Hyperfly patch on the right hip and a small Hyperfly branding hit on the left shin.

The seam tape on the bottom cuff is branded the same way as the taping on the bottom of the jacket.

The stitching is angled to give the pants a stylish look.  The have a fairly standard round stretchy rope with a 6 loop fastening setup.

The fabric chosen by Do or Die for these trousers is amazing.  The 10oz cotton twill pants feature a swath of pearl weave in the crotch gusset to aide in tightening submissions, a fantastic feature.

Rolling Performance

Very rarely do I not have a single complaint about a gi.  This gi is one of those rare examples.  The fit is perfect.  The fabrics are perfect.  The look is awesome.  Therefore the rolling performance is also amazing.  I have a small handful of gis that fit me perfectly, and those that fit me perfectly are my best performing gis on the mat.  This gi has made its way into that small, elite group.


Do or Die Hyperfly continues to impress me with every product I see from them.  Their quality is at the top of the game, and their cuts and choices of fabrics make them worth a consideration for anyone shopping for a gi.  You can pick this gi up at!

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Emil Fischer
Emil Fischer is a Black Belt competitor training under Pablo Castro at Strong Style MMA in Independence Ohio. Emil writes for various jiu jitsu related blogs and magazines, is a brand ambassador for Ludwig Van and Vanguard Kimono and is sponsored by Trap And Roll Soap, Impact Mouth Guards, The Terphouse, Cleveland Cryo, Nottarookie, Eddys on Coventry and Meerkatsu You can check out more of his work and his competition footage at


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