The BJJ Globetrotters Gray Super Light Travel Gi: For the Discerning Jiu Jitsu Tourist

The BJJ Globetrotters Gray Super Light Travel Gi: For the Discerning Jiu Jitsu Tourist


If you are on the market for an ultra lightweight 100% rip stop travel gi, you may want to seriously consider the BJJ Globetrotters Super Light Travel gi.  This gi has a lot going for it including durability due to its amazing materials and comfort and its embroideries and patchwork are beautiful.

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BJJ Globetrotter is a company founded by Danish jiujiteiro, Christian Graugart whose claim to fame was being just that, a BJJ Globetrotter.  Graugart travelled the world and trained at many different gyms, and then wrote a book about the experience, (which is available as a free download if you buy one of BJJ Globetrotter’s gis).

The gi they sent me to review is their ultra lightweight 100% rip stop travel gi in grey.  I’ve worn other rip stop gis but this one was special.  It seems that someone (perhaps Graugart himself) made a list of things that are desirable in a travel gi (and quite honestly in a gi in general) and wrapped them all up into one fantastic product.

If you don't already know: a 100% ripstop gi serves several purposes that other gis don't serve nearly as well.  For starters, they take up very little space, are quite light (an A3 weighs 2.8Lbs/1.3KG) and thus can be used for travel.  They dry very quickly, so when you need a dry gi faster than usual, 100% ripstop is a good way to go.  They are also great in hot weather because of how light and breathable they tend to be.

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Below is a picture of the Globetrotter gi next to a 550 GSM gi.  The difference is huge.

BJJ Globetrotters Travel Gi Review (9)

I was doubtful about the longevity of such a nice soft lightweight gi, so I put it through the paces, rolling hard in it at least once a week for 8 months; it shows very little signs of wear and tear, super impressive!


I’m 6’1, 195.  The best fit for me is an A2L.  This gi is an A3, but it fit me just fine.  Maybe an A2L would have been a bit better.  The gi fit me like a standard A3. it was a touch roomy, but fit just fine.


A:  7

B:  30.25

C:  32.5

D: 23.25

E: 22.5

F: 13

G: 10

H: 40.5


When I look at this gi, I know that someone put a lot of thought into its design.

It is made of 100% grey rip stop from head to toe, with white piping and rope loops.  The bottom of the back of the top has waves embroidered onto it and there is an airplane embroidered in between the shoulders.  One arm has the BJJ Globetrotters logo as does one of the pant legs.

The inside of the lapel has birds printed onto it; these have faded slightly over time.  The seam tape is a black and grey color scheme with waves and branding on it, present throughout the entire gi and pants.

The most prominent patch is on the bottom of the left lapel, a large BJJ Globetrotters sublimated patch.

I really love this gi.  Everyone’s tastes are different, this gi fits mine.


BJJ Globetrotters build the jacket to have all of the advantages of a full weight gi while still being ultra light weight.  That is to say: the lapel is very thick and unyielding while the rest of the gi is paper thin (though not paper flimsy!)

The embroidery on the bottom of the back of the gi is gorgeous.  I’ve never seen a gi use that space for the design and it is amazing.  It has no bearing on the function of the gi, but it adds to the aesthetics of it.

The jacket has the sublimated patch on the bottom left lapel, a BJJ Globetrotters logo on the right sleeve and a plane embroidery in between the shoulders.


The trousers are fairly plain.  Nice soft rip stop, with a 4 loop enclosure and a stretchy rope.

The bottom of the right leg has a BJJ Globetrotters embroidery.

Otherwise there’s not a whole lot to say about the pants.  They’re nice.  They fit well.  And they are super comfy like the rest of the gi.

Rolling Performance

The thick lapel made the gi top work nicely in rolling.  Most 100% rip stop travel gis I’ve seen have relatively thin lapels which can serve as a tactical disadvantage.  Not the Globetrotter.

The lightness of the gi means it doesn’t absorb sweat very well, so it soaks through and feel like a wet pair of jeans.  This takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s kind of the nature of a soft cottony rip stop.

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Bar none the best 100% rip stop travel gi on the market right now.  Comfortable, well fitted and beautiful.

If you need a lightweight and/or travel gi, go to and get one in your colour of choice (grey, white or blue) you won’t regret it.

Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for BJJ Globetrotters.


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