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Where to order a Jiu Jitsu Gi

Where to order a Jiu Jitsu Gi

Not everybody who reads the site is from the same country, so I wanted to put together a list of the top BJJ and Grappling Shops around the world!  Here are a few definitely worth checking out.


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Tatami Fightwear Zero G V3 Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Tatami Fightwear Zero G V3 Jiu Jitsu Gi Review


The Zero G range was originally a lightweight alternative to Tatami Fightwear’s popular Estilo gis.  It was marketed as more of a lightweight competition BJJ gi than the Estilo, but with the advent of the Sub Zero gi (350gsm, 8oz pants) from Tatami, the Zero G (475gsm jacket, 10oz pants) now seems a bit closer to the Estilo (550gsm jacket, 12oz pants).

Have you ever considered getting the Tatami Zero G V3 gi? Shop now at Amazon!

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Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi: As functional As It Is Beautiful

Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi Review - cover-2


The gi Mike Fowler designed specifically for his match against turtle guard legend Eduardo Telles.  This is perhaps the most beautiful garment I’ve ever seen, forget jiu jitsu related.  As a gi it is a tough, functional product.

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Honey Badger Gi Review


Honey Badger Gi Initial Thoughts

  • The pants are the same as the Tatami Zero G.  Very lightweight and it would be perfect to wear in a tournament.
  • The jacket is a single weave style jacket.  The collar isn’t the thickest but isn’t super easy for training partners to manipulate (like my Vulkan).
  • The stitching really pops and the pictures here barely do it justice.
  • Comes with a pretty simple, but cool, gi bag.
  • If you’re into other stand-out Tatami gis like the Terere gi, the Honey Badger gi is right up your alley.


The Honey Badger Gi is one of the newest offerings from Tatami Fightwear and is definitely a fitting addition to their collection.  It has very bold colors and design, but is also very functional as a tournament and training gi.

Click here to read user reviews on the Tatami Honey Badger V3 BJJ Gi

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Tatami Fightwear Estilo 4.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi Review



Tatami Fightwear is a very popular British, and now global, brand and the Estilo is one of their most popular models. In the past we’ve reviewed quite a few of their gis, including the Tatami Fightwear Enson Inoue Signature GiTatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0Tatami Estilo 3.0 Ladies Gi, Honey Badger Gi, Tatami Fightwear Zero G V2 Gi ReviewTerere Signature Gi, and the Zero G Lightweight Gi.

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Nicole Kirk has also written a review for the Women’s fit of the Estilo 4.0. Click here if you want to skip to her review.

This review is totally false and full of lies. Tatami Fightwear has promised me an endless supply of scotch and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in return for a positive review and I have happily obliged as long as they promised to also send me a copy of every Pride dvd to date and a bunch of stuff out of the SkyMall catalogs that you get on airplanes. On with the reviews!

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The best BJJ gi for your body type (2018 Short and Stocky Edition)

What is the best BJJ gi for short, stocky, or muscular grapplers?

Looking for a specific gi review?  Check out our reviews here.

Every day people are posting their height and weight into internet forums and asking what type of gi will fit them the best.  Lots of people answer but there’s never been one article that puts all of the answers together.  Until now.

In another recent article, we discussed the best gis for skinnier and leaner guys.  In this article, we’ll discuss the best gis for the big guys.Continue reading

Tatami Estilo 4.0 BJJ Gi Review by Nicole Kirk

tatami fightwear womens estilo 4.0 3

Hello!  We’re taking a look at Tatami Fightwear’s new release, the Estilo 4.0. A while back, I reviewed the women’s cut of the 3.0 (read it at

Despite looking cool and being of very sound construction, it didn’t really go that well for me. I had a number of issues with the cut, most importantly that it had very little room in the booty and thigh region for a ladies’ gi.

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Tatami Fightwear Enson Inoue (Spirit of Japan) Gi Review

Gi Review: Tatami Fightwear Enson Inoue


The Spirit of Japan gi by Tatami Fightwear is an awesome tribute gi made to replicate Enson Inoue’s famous Pride FC kimono as pictured below (Photo Cred).

enson inoue spirit of japan gi by tatami fightwear 2

As with most A3 gis from Tatami Fightwear, the fit of this gi was spot on.  It is covered in patches (as it should be) and now features an interior rashguard (which Tatami also did on their Terere signature gi).

This review also features a video preview of the gi and a good lesson on charging your camera before you start recording. Check it out below!

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Zero G Version 2 from Tatami Fightwear Gi Reviews

Tatami Fightwear Zero G V2 Gi Review

Zero G Version 2 Gi Review

Like most other gis from Tatami Fightwear, the Zero G V2 is very well made and has some gorgeous embroidery and patches.  It comes with a really nice gi bag that is unique to the Zero G V2.  It’s a very lightweight gi and would be perfect for summer training or for competition.

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Tatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0 Gi Review

Tatami Estilo 3.0 gi review banner1

The Tatami Estilo 3.0 is a good training gi for people who like a bit of style in their gi as well.

They feature some pretty awesome contrast stitching and have often been compared to having a look as cool as Shoyoroll gis, but being more widely available, they are much cheaper (since you can get them any time).

The jacket is 500g (roughly 1lb) and a single piece of pearl weave material.  The collar is not your normal cottom twill collar, but instead made of canvas, thus increasing its durability.

Like I said, every kimono has contrast stitching and they have a lot of patches if you’re into that (like me).  There is also embroidery on both arms and on the left leg, the feature taping on the inside oft he lapel and the cuffs.

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