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Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2018

Discover the Best BUDGET BJJ gi of 2018

I might be a bit crazy in saying this, but I think the new Scramble Standard Issue gi is the best budget gi you can get this year.

For $90 shipped, you get an incredible ‘basic’ gi and all of the patches to make it into the fully blinged out ‘Nascar status’ gi you know I love.

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Scramble 1chiban / Ichiban Jiu Jitsu Gi


Scramble, the clothing brand that originated from the UK, came out with their very first jiu jitsu gi almost exactly five years ago. This article was posted around the time when all the excitement that surrounded its release was at its highest.

Named 1chiban, after the Japanese word which means “Number 1”, this gi received much adulation from people who loved Scramble’s minimalistic yet stylish design.

The pre-order rush for the 1chiban was probably comparable to that of the latest Apple gadget. Only a set number of gis were prepared by the company, and pre-order was limited to a chosen few!

Below is the summary of our archived posts that tackled our anticipation of the 1chiban’s release.

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Scramble Relax-a-tron Jogger Review

Scramble Relax-a-tron Jogger Review


Simply the nicest pair of jogging pants I have ever owned.  Not only do they increase my relax mana by 72%, but I’m so relaxed, I actually fell asleep three times writing this review.

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Scramble ‘Hand Made in Japan’ Gi Preview


I recently had the chance to correspond with the one of the owners of Scramble, Matt Benyon (whom we also interviewed for our podcast ages ago). I asked him a few questions about one of his upcoming gis, The Yamato which is being made in Japan.  Without the VAST majority of gis being made in Pakistan (including Scramble) and China, I was curious as to why Matt wanted to change it up for this release.

To Order

[UPDATE: This gi is no longer available]

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Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard Review

Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard Review

by Annie White

I am pretty much on the same page with Brendan when it comes to Scramble. “Shut up and take my money!” or  “Must buy ALL the things!” Alas, my bank account can’t handle that so I have to pick and choose what I am going to get.  When I saw the preview for the Beat em up rashguard, I wanted it. When it was released I promptly ordered it from Scramble USA’s site.

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Scramble Athlete Gi Review



Few things get me quite as excited as a new release from Scramble!

I’ve been a fan of their gis since the 1chiban and really enjoyed The Wave as well and it looks like their next release is going to be pretty awesome as well.

I first previewed the Scramble Athlete by stalking Oliver Geddes and Matt Benyon and grabbing photos from them. The gi looked great then but looks even better in person.

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Go Full Spats – Scramble Urban Camo Spats Review

Go Full Spats - Scramble Urban Camo Spats Review

Go Full Spats!!

A while back, I picked up the Urban Camo spats from Scramble.  I absolutely love them and they definitely beat out the Poss spats and my Under Armour tights that I used previously.

Please note that all of the photos here come from my Instagram account.  That’s one of the first places I post photos of anything I’m working on so definitely check it out!

But Brendan, I don’t have enough swagger to go ‘full spats’

Don’t worry. Neither do I.

I just go for it.

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Be Water My Friend – The Scramble Wave Review by GiReviews.Net

scramble wave gi review


By now, most of you have heard my story of my failed attempt at getting the Scramble 1chiban.  I was really excited for it when it came out, but I was just 2 minutes short of being able to grab one.

Scramble’s second offering, the Wave, is definitely different from the 1chiban, but still very true to the smart design and stylings of Scramble.  With an interior rashguard, and a more open drawstring system, the Wave really separates itself from a lot of other current gis.

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