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Tatami Fightwear Estilo 4.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi Review



Tatami Fightwear is a very popular British, and now global, brand and the Estilo is one of their most popular models. In the past we’ve reviewed quite a few of their gis, including the Tatami Fightwear Enson Inoue Signature GiTatami Fightwear Estilo 3.0Tatami Estilo 3.0 Ladies Gi, Honey Badger Gi, Tatami Fightwear Zero G V2 Gi ReviewTerere Signature Gi, and the Zero G Lightweight Gi.

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Nicole Kirk has also written a review for the Women’s fit of the Estilo 4.0. Click here if you want to skip to her review.

This review is totally false and full of lies. Tatami Fightwear has promised me an endless supply of scotch and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in return for a positive review and I have happily obliged as long as they promised to also send me a copy of every Pride dvd to date and a bunch of stuff out of the SkyMall catalogs that you get on airplanes. On with the reviews!

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X-Guard Kamikaze Gi Review



 A very solid Kimono in construction and looks

X-Guard is one of those companies that dove right in to every aspect of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community as soon as they got in on the market. They pay close attention to their customers and because of that, have been moving more and more Gi’s. Folks like Vinny Magalhaes and Rodrigo Teixeira can be seen sporting X-Guard gear. With cool freebies and solid quality, you can’t go wrong with an X-Guard Kimono.

My first thoughts out of the bag were that the gi:

  • Has good stitching
  • Has very cool texture on the patches
  • Is a much better design than X-Guard’s past offerings
  • Appears clean, yet bold
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Scramble 1chiban / Ichiban Jiu Jitsu Gi


Scramble, the clothing brand that originated from the UK, came out with their very first jiu jitsu gi almost exactly five years ago. This article was posted around the time when all the excitement that surrounded its release was at its highest.

Named 1chiban, after the Japanese word which means “Number 1”, this gi received much adulation from people who loved Scramble’s minimalistic yet stylish design.

The pre-order rush for the 1chiban was probably comparable to that of the latest Apple gadget. Only a set number of gis were prepared by the company, and pre-order was limited to a chosen few!

Below is the summary of our archived posts that tackled our anticipation of the 1chiban’s release.

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Feeling Like a Superheroine – Women’s Cut Tatami Estilo 3.0 Gi Review

Tatami Estilo 3.0 Womens Gi Review banner2

Here are a couple of reviews of the Tatami Estilo 3.0 Women’s Cut from two marvelous ladies who are both gi junkies. They offer two different perspectives so you can get a more well-rounded evaluation of this gi.

The gi review world is still dominated by males, and we’re grateful for Julia and Nicole’s passion for BJJ gis. Click here to skip to Julia’s review, and here to Nicole’s.

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Valor Fightwear – Victory Gi

Valor Fightwear Victory Gi

About Valor Fightwear

Valor Fightwear is a new BJJ Gi company out of England. One of the harder parts for a new company to get right is the design, and Valor really made a splash with us in regards to the aesthetic of their Gis. They look super clean and well thought out without going overboard.

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Daniel Camarillo’s Armhunter Gi: For When You’re Out Hunting for Arms…

Armhunter Black Pearl Weave Gi Review-banner-3


If you don’t know who Daniel Camarillo is, look him up.  One of the most decorated American jiu jitsu competitors around, Camarillo is a legend of the sport.  He recently put out his signature brand Armhunter’s first jiu jitsu gi, check out the review!

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E Nois Alley Cat: Check Out This Gi Right Meow!

E Nois Alley Cat

by Emil Fischer


E Nois, Portuguese for “It’s Us” or “We Got This” is a different kind of brand that puts out a different kind of product.  They sent over their beautiful Alley Cat Gi for review and it truly is a unique and special product.

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Gi Reviews: Women’s War Tribe Gi + Fiercely Feminine Gi

Women's War Tribe Gi + Fiercely Feminine Gi review

by Sally Arsenault

Hey everybody, my name is Sally Arsenault and I’m a brown belt out of Renzo Gracie Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. You may have seen some of my other reviews on Breaking Muscle or, but if not, check them out. We’ve done a lot of great reviews on womens jiu jitsu gis and other gear.

In preparation for this guest review for, I received three of the women’s War Tribe gis for review right before I left for Masters Worlds in September. Unfortunately I was injured at the tournament and still haven’t been able to roll in them two months later! Regardless, I wanted to share this preview with  you so you can at least see all of the thought and detail that was put into the construction of these beautiful gis.

War Tribe Gear has had me excited from the very beginning due to their vibrant, yet simple, gi designs. They have released a line of gis designed specifically for women’s bodies and after wearing the gis for months, I can attest to the fact that they have succeeded in producing a comfortable, high-quality product that stands up to the toughest rolls.

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Ground Fighter’s Northern Lights Gi: An Amazing Gi from the Ground Up

ground fighter northern lights gi review


For their first foray into the gi market, Ground Fighter decided to go all out and make a real splash with their Northern Lights gi.  This gi is one of the nicest I’ve had the privilege of reviewing!

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Vandal Kimonos Double Feature BJJ Gi Review

Vandal Kimonos Double Feature BJJ Gi Review


Vandal Kimonos offers some really top quality gis that, I believe, rival brands charging premium pricing.  I still believe that they’re very under the radar in the BJJ community.  They have a large social following online, but you don’t see them sponsoring IBJJF tournaments or advertising in all of the BJJ magazines (more on that below).

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