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atama gold weave review
Gi Review
Atama Gold Weave Gi Reviews

Atama Gold Weave Gi The Atama gold weave is the middle of the road gi from Atama.  It’s heavier than the single, but lighter than the double.  This means it’ll last

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Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana
Gi Review
Shoyoroll Americana Gi Review

Introduction The Shoyoroll Americana is one of the two Batch 10 gis from Shoyoroll.  Like it’s partner, the Compadre, it is a 450g Gold Weave.  It’s awesome for anytime training,

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Gi Reviews: Shoyoroll Compadre
Gi Review
Shoyoroll Compadre Gi Review

Introduction This Batch #10 gi, the Shoyoroll Compadre, is one of Shoyoroll’s sigature lightweight brazilian jiu jitsu gis.    It marks the return of their 450g Gold Weave.  It’s awesome for

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