Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

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Hayabusa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Hayabusa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

About Hayabusa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Hayabusa is actually a Japanese word for the Peregrine Falcon. This falcon is a predator best known for its power, speed and strength — the very same attributes that are possessed by the combat athletes that make use of their products.

Hayabusa is mostly known for their MMA clothing, but they also make a pretty nice BJJ gi.  Their gis are made entirely of ripstop fabric, but their most unique feature is that they have a stretch inseam similar to most mma shorts.  This very unique feature sets Hayabusa apart from other brands.

They also dabble in contrast stitching, but their gis tend to be very pricey.

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Keiko Raca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

Gi Review: Keiko Raca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

About Keiko Raca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis 

In 1989, Keiko Raca Kimonos was a sportswear manufacturing company.  For the next 16 years, Keiko Raca made items for Mizuno and other brands.  In 1995, they started out on their own and created the brand we know today.  Keiko Raca offers slimmer fitting gis than other companies and sponsors some of the top names in BJJ  (many from the Alliance team) such as Cobrinha, Gabby Garcia, Tarsis Humphreys and Sergio Moraes.  Even though they aren’t heavily marketed in the United States, they continue to be a standard, popular gi in many other parts of the world.  Definitely a solid gi and kimono company.

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Prana Kimonos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Prana Kimonos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

About Prana Kimonos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Prana Kimonos really reflects a simple, urban design.  Their designs are very clean and powerful.

Prana, which means “breath” in Hindi, references the universal life source that flows through every human being.  Prana Kimonos believes that one’s BJJ is a reflection of their ‘Prana.’  They see BJJ as an extension of the soul, vitality, and energy that flows through you.

They also offer some really cool, clean designed shirts with bold lettering and slick logos.  They’re recently put up extra pants from their OG model Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi that are definitely worth checking out.  We expect future offerings from Prana to be of the same high quality as their first run.

They emphasize technique over strength, and simplicity in everything. Prana Kimonos! Protect Ya Neck!

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Padilla & Sons Gold Weave Gi Review

Gi Review: Padilla & Sons Gold Weave

Guest Review by Steve of

If you ever want to learn new BJJ techniques or BJJ concepts, check out Steve’s site!


I needed a standby gi for when my “favorite” gis were dirty, wet, both, or in the wash. Of course I took to the internet and on one of the main grappling forums, a poster had started a discussion about the high quality gis being sent out by Padilla & Sons. He mentioned the awesome pricing for a gi of this quality while also bringing up the outstanding customer service he had received. He wrote how he had some questions about his gi, called the number, and basically Mrs. Padilla answered. He said she hooked him up and solved his issues quickly. So I checked them out.

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Full Metal Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi Review

Full Metal Jiu Jitsu BJJ Gi Review

Full Metal Jiu Jitsu Gi Introduction

I was first introduced to this gi on Instagram when I started following Justin Dee (Juggs) from Full Metal JiuJitsu.  I saw a few photos of it and I was really impressed at how cool it was for just their regular academy gi.

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Gi Review: MVNT from Australia!

MVNT BJJ gi review


MVNT is a rad BJJ company based in Australia.  Their debut gi is a super soft gold weave with smart branding and a somewhat minimalist design scheme.  Overall a solid debut offering.

Compare prices on gold weave gis by Venum, Piranha, Hayabusa, and more

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The FluxK Toiler Gi: Clean, Simple, Awesome

fluxk toiler gi review banner 3


A while back we did a brand profile on FluxK, they since sent in a gi for review, their gold weave Toiler gi in white.  This soft comfortable gi is as comfy as it is clean in its design.

Check out these gold weave gis by Hayabusa, Venum, Piranha, and more!

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Ok! Kimonos Adult Premium Training Gi Review

Ok! Kimonos Adult Premium Training Gi Review

Ok! Kimonos Adult Premium Training Gi Review

This blue gi will not leave you with the blues (unless that is what you choose to listen to while training, then I stand corrected.)


Who knew the man behind would be able to make a top-notch gi? Go Figgie. Brendan and I thought it would be a hoot to play trading-places for the day and I now have control of his site while he is running wild over on! So he generously sent me one of his Ok! Kimonos Premium Training Gis and I sent him to the grocery store. Sounds like a fair trade right? Luckily websites are all digital so there’s no risk of me burning it to the ground by mistake, so let’s get started.

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Shoyoroll Yang Gi Review


by Ka’ohu Ah Yo


The Yang is my favorite Shoyoroll gi and is one of my favorite gi’s of any brand. The Yang is made of a heavy duty gi material that keeps you warm on the mat in winter and helps you sweat to make weight for those summer competitions.

The look is classic, simple… and murdered out. Each time I put on my Yang, I feel like a ninja and ready for battle.  This is why it’s one of our Top 5 Shoyoroll gis of all time!

The Yang went for presale in May 2011 at $184.95. It was rumored that there were less than 200 of these gi’s made in varying sizes from A0 to A4.

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Naja Extreme Gold Gi Review

Gi Review: Naja Extreme Gold Kimono

Naja Extreme Gold Kimono

Naja, the makers of the Naja Extreme Gold Kimono, are based out of Brazil and I saw them in a few magazines before I ever considered buying one.  Not many people here in the United States have a Naja kimono either, so that was cool.

Because most everybody who owns a Naja lives in Brazil, I had no idea what to think.  Thankfully, I didn’t make a mistake with my purchase.  Naja is available through for a pretty reasonable price considering it is one of the few brands still made in Brazil.

For a gold weave gi, the Naja Extreme Gold Kimono is pretty light.  It’s built just as solid as my Koral and the patches are big, but clean.  The collar is thinner than my Subculture Gold weave, which isn’t to my taste, so I assume the Silver Ultra Light’s collar is extremely thin.  The gi comes in all the traditional colors, including camouflage, which is pretty popular here in the U.S.

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