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Fusion Fight Gear’s Mr. Spock: Live Long And Prosper

Fusion FG Star Trek Mr Spock Gi Review - banner7

The jiu jitsu gear market is full of companies that produce gear themed after pop culture icons, but very few of those companies ever produce officially licensed gear with the logos and characters that they portray. Fusion Fight Gear has burst onto the scene, offering officially licensed jiu jitsu gear bearing the logos, and iconic characters of some of the more famous franchises including Star Trek, Street Fighter and The Terminator (amongst others).

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Inside the Mind Behind Fusion FG

Inside the Mind Behind Fusion FG

You may have noticed some amazing new rashguards and gis that have come out lately from Fusion FG (Check out our review of their latest gi here).  We even had a chance to do a pretty rad giveaway with them.

I wanted to get inside the mind behind the INCREDIBLE designs, licensing, and branding that Fusion has been doing so I got ahold of Chris Stepchuk, the mastermind behind everything they're doing.

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