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The FluxK Toiler Gi: Clean, Simple, Awesome

fluxk toiler gi review banner 3


A while back we did a brand profile on FluxK, they since sent in a gi for review, their gold weave Toiler gi in white.  This soft comfortable gi is as comfy as it is clean in its design.

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An Interview with the mind behind Fluxk BJJ Apparel

An interview with Fluxk Apparel

A Brief Interview with Bob from Fluxk BJJ

GiReviews: Tell us a bit about your background with martial arts.

Bob:  Uh, let me think. It’s been 10+ years and a lot of experiences but I’ll try to be succinct.

I actually took Karate when I was a little kid just long enough for my parents to buy all the gear and then quickly moved onto something else; my ADHD in full force. I’m sure they were thrilled!

Formally, I began training Jiu Jitsu while a student at the University of Illinois. The club I started with was called Goshin Jitsu. It was a great intro into martial arts with knowledgeable instructors and a great group of people. They really stressed fundamentals (e.g. break falls, footwork, timing, etc), which I think is key to any endeavor.

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