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Ctrl Industries Journeyman Gi Preview and Q&A with Blayne Barlow

Ctrl Industries Journeyman Gi Preview and Q&A with Blayne Barlow

Recently I corresponded with Blayne Barlow, owner of Ctrl Industries, and make of one of my favorite gis, the Rook.  A while back I posted a comparison photo on our Facebook page because I noticed that Ctrl and Shoyoroll were both coming out with Raiders inspired gis at the same time. I was curious as to what everybody thought about each of them and I got a really cool comment:

brendon barlow calle quote

Brendon Barlow (awesome first name if I do say so) made a great point.  While it wasn’t my intention to suggest one copied the other, it did make me realize that these two brands are absolute professionals.  Lots of startup brands are rushing their concepts and design and you can definitely tell in their product (myself included).

But people like Blayne don’t.

It got me wondering exactly how long it takes for him to work on a concept and where he got his inspiration for his  upcoming gi, the Journeyman.

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CTRL Industries Ipanema Gi Review

CTRL Industries Ipanema Gi Review


Disclaimer: This review contains images of a gi that I actually wear.  I have put patches all over it.  Yes, I like looking like a walking billboard.  Yes, Nascar jokes are welcome. This gi is awesome and so am I and so are all 9 patches on it!

ctrl industries ipanema drilling session torres martial arts brendan hufford

Rant: You’ll notice the grass is super green in the photo above and since I live in Chicago, that means I took this photo a long time ago.  GiReviews.Net prides itself on giving thorough and accurate reviews and, as such, this review took many months to complete.

You’ll find a lot of other “reviews” (note the quotation marks) around the web that are just advertisements for the gis and in no way actually review the kimono. This is not one of those reviews. ^_^

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CHECKMATE – A review of CTRL Industries’ The Knight

CHECKMATE - A review of CTRL Industries' The Knight
by M. G. Hartsough


CTRL who? I ain’t ‘controlling’ anybody. I suck!

If you think your ground game is as bad as mine then you probably had the same initial thought when you first heard of this up-and-coming brand.

CTRL Industries has unleashed a flurry of kimonos in a relatively short period of time (only being founded in 2011) and already they have begun to carve a niche for themselves in the BJJ scene by successfully combining quality and style without too much flash.

The second chess-inspired release by CTRL, The Knight immediately caught my eye for several reasons; while I am particularly partial to navy colored gis what really lured me in was it’s features, construction and overall design. (Read my review of CTRL The Rook here ~ Brendan)

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The Rook by CTRL Industries Gi Review


Official Gi Review of The Rook by CTRL Industries


The Rook was the third gi made by CTRL Industries.  Their first gi really piqued my interest and I definitely wanted to check it out, but I wasn’t so sure as a new gi company was popping up every day.

Let me say this.

Based on The Rook, not only is CTRL Industries here to stay and become a major player in the BJJ scene, but I’m super upset that I never got that first Carioca gi.

At the end of my review is Joshua Barrow’s own review of The Rook. Click here to skip to that part.

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CTRL Industries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

CTRL Industries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

About CTRL Industries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

CTRL Industries is a newer BJJ company and supports very clean designs and comfortable clothes.  Blayne and Billy, the owners, are brothers who are passionate about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis and have produced a lot of cool gear so far, especially their new Carioca gi.

CTRL Industries has also got a good sense of humor as they specify that “you won’t find Dragons, Angel Wings, Skulls, etc, on our clothing(sorry).”

Thus far their offerings have been limited to some really awesome t-shirts and their super-popular Carioca brazilian jiu jitsu gi.

We have spoken with them personally as they are VERY active on their Facebook page and through the contact on their website.  Feel free to check them out and let them know you hear about CTRL Industries Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis here on GiReviews.

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