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Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi Reviews

Gi Review: Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi

Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi

The Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi is made of cotton rip stop material (just the jacketis, actually).  It’s really an amazing gi for hot weather training.  It’s very light weight (only slightly heavier than the Kingz 420 Light Gi).  The cotton ripstop is already preshrunk so it shouldn’t shrink more than 5%.

The jacket features the typical Kingz shoulder patches and lapel patch, as well as the seam taping inside the cuff and lapel.  There is also logo taping along the bottom of the skirt.  The rubber lapel is very strong and will not bend when subjected to extreme heat (via washer or dryer).

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