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GiReviews Presents: Who makes the best BJJ belt? The OFFICIAL BJJ Belt Review

The Best Brazillian JJ Belt

BJJ Belt: Whose is best?

This question pops up from time to time for various reasons.

Some people replace their bjj belt, some instructors are looking for bjj belts to buy for their students, and some students buy their own bjj belts.

While it isn’t a gi review necessarily, we’ll start by looking at what other people have to say about their bjj belt!

Compare prices on your favorite BJJ belt brands!

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Moskova BJJ Accessory Review

Moskova BJJ Accessory Review

You’ve probably noticed Moskova creeping onto the scene in the past 6 months (or more).  They sponsor a TON of awesome BJJ athletes including:

  • Kron Gracie
  • Ricardo Arona
  • Xande Ribeiro
  • Kade & Tye Ruotolo
  • Nate Diaz
Shop for your favorite Moskova BJJ accessories at Amazon!

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Do or Die’s Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Do or Die Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Gear bags are more of a luxury than a necessity, but they are something I love having, and once you’ve had a good one, you just can’t go without. Knowing I have my tape, nail clippers, deodorant,  etc etc in one location is a nicety. I pack up my things neatly and go and I’m not carrying nasty, dripping with sweat, Gis in my hands or laying it on my nice clean car seats on the ride home.

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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

There are so many items to buy on the BJJ market… What gear is actually worth buying?

There’s a whole market of goods associated with BJJ and in that market there are products that are and are not worth spending your money on.  I remember when I first started training and became mystified with all of the different products and accessories sold on the various web-shops that sell BJJ related products, and I didn’t know which products were really worth the money that I would spend on them.  Here’s a list of 5 products that I can tell you for a fact you may not realize that you’re missing, but will be very happy with once you’ve bought them:Continue reading

Scramble Relax-a-tron Jogger Review

Scramble Relax-a-tron Jogger Review


Simply the nicest pair of jogging pants I have ever owned.  Not only do they increase my relax mana by 72%, but I’m so relaxed, I actually fell asleep three times writing this review.

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BJJ Gi Patch Feature: Patches O’Toole

BJJ Gi Patch Feature: Patches O'Toole

Patches O’Toole BJJ Gi Patch Feature

Patches O’Toole is a pretty cool BJJ gi patch company out of Australia.  I love the typography on them as well as the illustrations.

Check out the gi patches available at Amazon

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Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard Review

Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard Review

by Annie White

I am pretty much on the same page with Brendan when it comes to Scramble. “Shut up and take my money!” or  “Must buy ALL the things!” Alas, my bank account can’t handle that so I have to pick and choose what I am going to get.  When I saw the preview for the Beat em up rashguard, I wanted it. When it was released I promptly ordered it from Scramble USA’s site.

Browse through your favorite rashguard designs from Scramble at Amazon

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Comme Des Grappler

Commes Des Grappler Shirts

Normally, we here at don’t do full reviews on T-shirts or apparel and get the word out via our other social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter/dan_of_earth, Instagram/GiReviews_dan, Vine/danofearth, etc) in regards to things like that. It’s hard to come up with enough to say about things as simple as T-shirts. With Comme Des Grappler (CDG) though, I feel it’s necessary to give their apparel its full review. The T-shirt designs really were just out of this world and unlike anything we’ve seen on the BJJ market, very unique. Without further ado…

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Gi Soap Review

Gi Soap Review

Gi Soap is coming out into a market that is saturated with aggressive marketing.

Some soap companies throw tits in your face as an appeal to sell their soap. You won’t get women with their jugs hanging out on Gi Soaps Facebook page or on their products, but you just might see some results.

Shop for the most effective gi soap at Amazon

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