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For about six months, I’ve had the pleasure of breaking in one of the most colorful gis on the market today. Arriving by way of Nova Scotia, the Tie-Dye Ghost Gi by Supernatural Survival Gear (“SSG”). Since the process is done by hand, the idea of getting a completely unique product was very appealing to me. My first time with a 100% ripstop gi, I was delighted by the promo images and grabbed one as soon as they went up back in September.


I purchased the gi myself before working with SSG has not paid me for my review and my thoughts are my own.


Built around fighting things that go bump in the night, SSG has a style unique in the gi maker landscape. Opting for trippy color pairings and blatantly IBJJF illegal patterns, this is a brand for people looking to add some fun to their training.

Starting as an art project in his free time, SSG owner Kent Peter’s posting of his homemade tie-dye gi had his fanbase clamoring for their own. He soon caved to the obvious demand.

Working with Kent on the colors I wanted, I soon received my Ghost along with SNG stickers and a stringer bag. The colors looked phenomenal out of the box, but I had my doubts on them staying vibrant for long.


At 5’8 and 166lbs (I know, I’m fat,) The A1 size usually fits me pretty well for most gis. The Ghost was no different, though I felt the jacket was a bit large around the lapels compared to other tops. Being made of ripstop, this is also a much thinner feeling jacket than traditional cotton weave or hemp.


Being a fan of the brand before even buying my first gi from them, SSG’s visual style tended to stand out from the crowd. Hand dyed by Kent, each white Ghost is given an individual look tailored to the customer. Communicating directly with Kent, you get to choose the colors and percentage breakdowns of what you want where you want it. You can also opt in for bleach dye on the black Ghost gi, but I can’t vouch for that product until I nab one.

After six months, I can definitely vouch for the colors lasting through countless practices and trips through the wash. One HUGE factor to note is that both the tie-dye and base models are hang-dry only, as shrinkage can occur and the colors do better in a cold wash.


Lightweight but durable, the ripstop has the company branding in several spots both inside and out.

The interior yoke panel has the SSG repeating logo on black fabric, and a “We Bump Back” patch in the bottom left corner of the interior. Also featured is a square SSG patch on the far left lapel, and a single outer patch on the right shoulder.

The gi vents are stitched with a black liner on both sides.

The ripstop feels very soft on the skin, but one small complaint I have is that the lapels seem to flare out slightly when the gi is closed months after purchase. The sleeves have enough room for grips without being too large, so your Ezekiel chokes are safe!


The same ripstop material as the jacket, the pants have your typical drawstring with six loops and the same patches as the inner left lapel and right shoulder of the jacket on the left and right pant legs respectively.

Undergoing the same dye process as the jacket, the colors pop without affecting the feel of the material. Though for my model personally the colors ended up less prominent in the pants compared to the jacket, Kent’s process seems to have improved significantly in newer models.

Aside from a lack of any crotch stretch component due to the 100% ripstop build, these pants hold up well through cold wash and show no signs of fraying months after use. The fit is just perfect for me, and aside from the stiffness in the crotch area they’re very great to move in.


The gi has a far different feel to any other I currently own. Instead of absorbing sweat and growing heavier like cotton or hemp, the Ghost stays fairly light deep into sparring. The pants and jacket have no signs of wear months into owning them, and I tapped my first purple belt in them so they’re actually magical.

Now to the color. A big worry I had before purchasing was the dye possibly running off onto my partner’s gi after continuous rolling. I can safely say that these colors are totally locked in, and there have been no issues of spreading pastels.


Wow. Just wow!!!

Not only does this gi hold up in rolling and the wash, but it stands as one of the most unique BJJ products you can own. Kent will make sure to use the colors and amounts you want, and present you a colorful set of pajamas you will treasure for life. It is an invaluable tool in the fight against ghosts, goblins and various ghouls.

Go grab yours today at


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