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Subculture Red Dawn Lightweight Gi Review

Subculture Red Dawn Lightweight Gi Review

by James

SubCulture Lightweights are a durable cotton that’s pretty lightweight.  This Red Dawn offers a REALLY nice red contrast stitchin that DOES NOT bleed.  This was an issue with other kimonos from brands like Keiko Raca in the past, but I can personally assure you that the colors will hold.  The gi dries really fast and is really light at 2.8lbs.  It’s 100% cotton, features ripstop pants (similar to Atama ripstop Mundial 9 pants) and has a rubberized lapel.

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User Review of Subculture Red Dawn Lightweight Gi

Subculture Red Dawn Jacket Front View

I ordered this gi a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be happier with it. The pictures posted here and on the Subculture website really just don’t do this gi justice. I was honestly shocked at how sharp-looking it was when I pulled it out of the box. It’s a matter of personal taste of course, but personally, I think this is one of the nicest looking kimonos I’ve seen.

The top is a very light material, which I really appreciate. I get warm enough on my own when rolling, I don’t need a heavy gi adding to the problem. I also just like the way that the soft material feels, it’s much less rough than a lot of other gis I’ve worn. If you roll without a rash-guard, you probably know what I mean. The trade-off for a light, soft material however, is that the top does seem bit easier to grip than a thicker gi would be.

Subculture Red Dawn Jacket Collar

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The cut is pretty typical for gis, so no surprises in the sizing. The pants run a little short, precisely as jiu-jitsu pants should. The top fits me fairly well as a larger guy, though it’s definitely not one of the roomier gis made with big guys in mind (look to Padilla and Sons, or Gorilla Gear, if you really need a gi for larger guys).

The gi seems to be very good quality for the price, and construction appears to be solid. I’ll need to use it for a few more months though before I’m willing to comment on how well it holds up over time. I’ve seen a few complaints online about poor customer service from the company, but personally, I had no problems. My gi arrived very quickly, with no drama at all.

Subculture Red Dawn Jacket Sleeve

If you like a heavier gi, or something less flashy, this may not work for you. But if you like a lighter-weight gi, and especially if you simply want one of the best-looking gis available, I’d have no problem recommending this one as an excellent choice.

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Brendan says September 10, 2011

via Maurice

I have only used subculture Gi’s and I love them, comfort, good weight, and they have a good pricing and durable…

Brendan says May 21, 2012

Thanks so much for your thoughts James! Do you, by chance, have any pictures that we can add above?

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