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Subculture Gold Weave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Subculture Gold Weave Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Video Review


  • Simple, sleek brazilian jiu jitsu gi.
  • Not too many patches and plenty of room to add them.
  • Solid color.
  • Fits perfect for an A3.
  • Great gi for training and competition.


Subculture is a pretty cool company based out of Chicago.  I was able to purchase this gi from them in person instead of ordering it through the Subculture website.

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I really dig the fit of the gi.  It would definitely fit somebody even wider than me.  I’m sort of built like a large rectangle and the gi definitely has a ton of room to wrap around me.  The sleeve length is perfect for me as an A3. I mention this because they are very true to size.  Subculture’s sleeve length is perfect if you have an average wingspan.  It would probably also be fine if you have longer arms as well, but I’d be careful about drying it.


The design on this gi is super simple.  It’s an excellent example of a clean gi that really let’s the color shine.  I wish I was a professional photographer and could do the color justice.  It’s really nice nicest charcoal gi I’ve ever seen and even after multiple washes, the color has held perfectly even though I did not soak it in vinegar or anything like that.


Beautiful gi, gross floor.


The jacket is super nice.  The stitching is consistent throughout and it’s made of one piece of fabric.

subculture brazilian jiu jitsu gi jacket

All one piece of fabric

You’ll notice in the image below that the lapel is much thicker than some of my lighter weight gis (Shoyoroll Americana, Vulkan, etc).  This can be expected of a Gold Weave.  It’s not build like a suit of armor like the HCK Absolute, but the Subculture is a VERY solid gold weave.

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subculture gi gold weave lapel comparison

Note the thickness of the Subculture Lapel

I also want to add that the taping along the bottom of the gi is very well done and has not frayed or anything.  It is not scratch and really gives a nice look to the gi that is similar to what Atama did with their Mundial 5.


The trousers are very nice.  The color is solid and the stitching is fantastic.  After the first wash and air dry, I noticed they fit higher on my legs, but nothing ridiculous so if you’re right on the edge of a3 and a4 because of height, go with the a4.

subculture usa

Rolling Performance

Rolling in this gi was great.  The pants didn’t fall and the drawstring holds true.  The top rarely came untucked because of the larger fit on me, which was nice for a change since I wear my belt super low.  It didn’t stretch out and seemed to give fair play to both me and my opponent in terms of grips.

Subculture Conclusion

Here is where I can finally talk about the price of this thing. Honestly, if we slapped a Koral or Atama sticker on it, it would be a $200 brazilian jiu jitsu gi. If Subculture made it a pre-order only gi with a limited window, it would probably be 160-170. But, this gi is Subculture’s most expensive gi… $108 on the Subculture Facebook store.

Are you kidding me?

Their lightweights, that in my opinion rival anything that other companies have put out are only $99! Good job Subculture for working to bring back gi prices to where they can, and should, be.

Gi review format inspired by Meerkatsu.

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artie grubba says December 8, 2011

I have one in navy blue. it looks more purple than navy blue, but its the most comfortable gi i’ve ever had.. A4, 6’0 220 lbs

    Brendan says December 9, 2011

    I agree artie. the subculture navy does look a bit more purple, but they are really amazing gis for sure. love mine.

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