Sub Apparel Pro BJJ Gi Review

Sub Apparel Pro BJJ Gi Review

Sub Apparel Pro BJJ Gi Review

By Marty V Curran (Igor MMA Sydney)

Over the last few years my training partners and friends have seen me grace the mats with numerous different styles of attire. They have seen me wear many different brands and have also been intrigued by my small fascination with jiu jitsu apparel and kimonos.

On reflection I am also frequently asked the same questions, where do you keep all your gi's?? how many gi's have you got?? why yellow?? how much was this, how much was that etc??

But one question that is never asked WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THAT BRAND??

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First of all let me just start by saying I am by no means a fashion expert and by no means yet an expert on the choice of gi one shall use weather they are competing or just casually part taking in the art of Brazilian jiu jitsu or any form of jacket/gi grappling.

But one thing is I am brutally honest and will give you my best account of what I have encountered with the brand I will be reviewing.

sub-apparel-pro-patches 2

Ok first things first, today I will be reviewing an Australian product called SUB APPAREL and it will be the SUB APPAREL PRO GI which I will be talking about. Here is a few stand out things you should know about the gi

  • Price $219 (Australian dollars)
  • Comes in white or blue (also have black for sponsored athletes)
  • Triple-Weave Ripstop Fabric made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton
  • Designed to meet IBJJF's strict competition guidelines
  • Rubber color/lapel
  • Double layered knees (pants)
  • Comes with a free t-shirt with online purchase (love these sort of deals)

Sizing Chart

Height Weight Size
5'3 – 5'7 50 – 65kg (110 – 145lb) A1
5'6 – 5'11 65 – 80kg (145 – 175lb) A2
5'9 – 6'1 80 – 95kg (175 – 210lb) A3
6'2 – 6'5 95 – 115kg (210 – 255lb) A4
6'0 – 6'6 115 – 140kg (255 – 305lb) A5
6'4 + 140kg+ (305lb+) A6



This jacket is extremely comfortable and has a really nice rubber lapel, the stitching is of very high quality and the logos are more or less nailed on there as well.

I have came across problems in the past were I have bought jackets and after one week the patches come off, not in this case these are well stitched on, the big thing with me which might seem trivial to others is that this is a white gi and in the past people have said,  “White gets dirty too easy, colour starts to go after a while etc.”

This product restored my confidence in using a white gi, every time I have washed it, it comes up as good as the moment I bought it, beautiful white again (although i did have problem with blood on there but that's not the brand's problem).

All in all this is a very well cut jacket, beautiful design with simple but stand out logos, good for competition as it is pretty light as well.



The stand out feature on the pants is the double layer knees, once again these pants are extremely durable and me as a2 they are perfect length and waist. The one gripe I have with a lot of pants is they limit your movement, with these pants I didn't have that problem, they seem perfectly constructed and seem to be designed with precision to suit the competitors especially.

I was just very happy with a good fit that don't seem to have me tying them up every minute.


About a year or more on from first purchasing this gi I am still extremely happy with the product and am totally happy it has stayed rip free, patches intact and when washed comes up as new as ever, what more can you ask for really??

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In looking at the price ($219 and free tee shirt) I think for this kind of quality (Triple-Weave Ripstop Fabric made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton) you definitely get your money's worth, it has simple but stylish features, durability and without doubt longevity! Hope to see what this brand has in the future!!!


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