Is The Storm T2 Really the Gi of Champions?

Is The Storm T2 Really the Gi of Champions?

storm t2 bjj gi review


My name is Chad Latta and I'm a purple belt from Denver Colorado. I bought an original Storm Typhoon about a year ago and absolutely love it! So when storm came out with its new line of gis I had to get another one.

I decided to go with the T2 and have been rolling in it for about 5 months. At last count I've got 11 different gis from various companies (the first step is to admit you have a problem).

Overall I love the look and design of the T2, along with my original Typhoon these are my favorite gis.

I bought this gi through Performance MMA. They have a great local shop and are good about helping me feed gear addiction.

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I'm 6'0” 205ish, stocky build, average arm/leg proportions. I typically wear an A3. Storm has been making gis since the mid 90's and initially were designed with help from Renzo Gracie.

They've more recently expanded they're line with multiple mens' and womens' models and are now doing a ton of marketing/sponsorships of top level guys. The T2 is one of their top models. They've got solid descriptions and pictures on their website. You can get their stuff direct or at numerous online retailers.



I'm reviewing a white T2, size A3. One unique element of Storm gis is the cut of the jacket. Most gi jacket the sleeves are designed with the sleeves at a 90degree angle from the body, with the Storm the sleeves are at 45 degrees. In practical terms this gives a fit with more room across the back/shoulders and you end up with longer than average sleeves.

So I would say in general the sizing is pretty standard, but Storm gis are going to fit people with bigger/stockier upper bodies. The pants are a little on the short side, but nothing problematic.



The Storm T2 gi jacket is made from 550gram single weave which is about an average weight. In addition to the unique cut/fit, another feature of the Storm jackets is that they treat the material with some type of fabric softener – this thing is bathrobe-soft off the rack!

Even after months of washing and hang-drying (I never machine dry), my Storm jackets are noticeably softer than any other brands. The collar is a little above average in thickness/stiffness. All the seams are reinforced, I've had no problems with frayed stitching.

Storm markets “Zero Hold technology” for its sleeves – this is a second layer of ripstop inside with a fabric tape edge to the cuffs. Most gis have fabric tape reinforced cuffs so I think this is more marketing than performance in this feature.

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Storm T2 pants are made of super-light ripstop. These are by far the lightest pants of any gi I have – to the point that I was a little worried initially if they would hold up. I've been pleasantly surprised, despite the light weight there's been no tearing or noticeable wear. These pants are perfect for hot weather training.

As mentioned they do run a little short so check the measurement charts if you have long legs. There is also a small mouthguard pocket inside the the waistband. One gripe is that the pants have the old-school cloth drawstring rather than the cord you see on most new gis. This is a personal preference, there are places online you can buy replacement cord drawstrings if its a deal-breaker.



Another place the T2 stands out is the look – this is definitely a flashy gi! There are 2 big Storm patches on the chest and sleeve, several smaller embroidered logos, and the unique contrast strip around the length of the collar. Personally I think it looks cool as hell, but style is a personal thing. If you wanted to tone-down the look the 2 big Storm patches can be removed easily.



I love the fit of the jacket, and the softness is nice so that first roll doesn’t feel like you're wearing sandpaper. As I mentioned the pants are super light so great on hot days. I use this gi every week and have had no durability or performance problems.


The Storm T2 is a flashy, well designed gi. The jacket fit will favor a stockier body type but not exclusively so (the Mendes brothers compete in 'em).

Update (Jan 10, 2017):

This gi is no longer being sold.

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Do you have a Storm T2? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Not a fan at all, Bought an A3 and it didn’t fit comfortable at all. At 5’8″ and 190, I think it’s way too much of a stretch to cover 175 to 205lbs. In between sizes needed perhaps. The Arms and Legs were way too long even to shrink with out killing the rest of the uniform, as well as the crotch area being way too snug from the get go. Embroidery on the arm is completely awkward for my liking. I appreciated the construction overall, but the sizing is way off! Very Disappointing.

  2. I loved this gi so much, until it tore. Less than one month after getting it, during normal training. Im debating on whether or not to even both replacing it with another storm…

  3. I got last week a Storm in A4
    I’ve owned a lot of gi’s from the best companies.
    I need to say that if they changed the size of the pants and of the sleeves. (Sleeves are a bit to long, 5 -8 centimeters, and the pants are a bit to short by 5 -8 centimeters)
    It would be the purfect Gi for me
    It fits like a glove..
    i would give this one a 9,7 / 10

  4. Got T2 black A2. I`m 5.8 great gi, at first felt that sleeves and the skirt length is a bit extensive but after washing it fits like gloves. Pants, in my opinion this is top pants on the market, yes they shorter than usual but i fill it makes them harder for grips and thats positive, going to order blue one!

  5. Purchased this gi and loved it. …until it ripped across the chest. not even on a stress point, just straight through the weave and created a giant hole. I’ve owned a dozen gis over the last 13 years of training and I have never had a top rip like this. Lasted 8 months. thats a very expensive 8 months compared to $150 gis that have lasted me 5+ years. Also I have sent two emails to storm, one before the purchase to ask a question (I bought it anyway with no response) and a second one inquiring into the situation of it ripping and also yet again got no response. I’m not impressed with them as a company at all. i loved the gi but don’t feel like throwing away $250 (after tax) on a gi every few months.


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