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Michael Zschach says August 27, 2016

Hello, Im looking for a really great Gi that is Comfy, really durable, and preferably light/breathable because Louisiana is hot and humid. One thing is I would need a gi with little to no branding, the academy I’m in has 2 patches one on the left arm and one on the left chest.Also IBJJF legal so when i get competitive i have no issues. As far as fit Im 6’2 and 170lbs so usually Im A2L. I Like a more modern fit because I’m so tall. I ordered the 93 brand hooks 2.0 pants and those fit me near perfect but i want a great gear that will last!
Thanks a bunch

Reyan Iqbal says October 10, 2018

The stuff that you share on your site is mind Blowing.
I want to know your opinion about gi.

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