A Colorful Take On Practical Design: Sleeve & Collar’s Royale Gi

bjj sleeve and collar gi


Sleeve & Collar Royale gi is the brand's deviation from their white and black options, offering their signature simplistic, durable style with a pop of color.

The Look

Sleeve & Collar makes a point to feature a minimalistic design on their gis, and the Royale gi is no exception. Rather than looking underwhelming, though, the bright blue combined with the yellow arrows encircled in red looks smart and stylish — a perfect look for the competitor who wants the focus to be placed on their performance rather than what they're wearing.

The inside of the jacket features a silky red diamond-stitched insert that displays the logo and size of the gi as well. The texture is smooth enough that this gi could be worn without a rashguard or with just a sports bra underneath.

The minimalistic theme extends to the pants, which feature no added designs or writing — only a red drawstring.

Given how many of today's BJJ gear manufacturers are trying to make themselves stand out with flashy designs, the simple design of Sleeve & Collar's Royale gi makes a statement in its own way.

The Fit

I am 5'2″ and normally hover around 130 lbs, so according to the S&C size chart, the A0 should have been the correct fit for me. However, the jacket was a bit bulky, and the sleeves were too long. It shrunk slightly after washing and machine-drying it, but not significantly enough to make a difference in terms of fit.

The pants, however, were the ideal length for my legs, and although I was initially concerned that they were a bit bulky, I ultimately liked that they gave me ample room to move when I was rolling. They also fit well around my hips, which I was surprised to see, as this is normally only an attribute that gis specifically designed for women tend to share. I wasn't expecting a unisex-fit gi to have pants that fit me so well, but it was a welcome surprise.

The Performance

I really liked how the Royale pants felt during rolling, but the top was so disproportionately large on me that I felt like I was swimming in it. Aside from this, though, I really liked rolling in this gi, and its durability really won me over. The color has stayed vibrant throughout numerous washings, and I had no issues with major loose threads or ominous ripping sounds during training. I had concerns about the seam tape on the inside of the leg openings and sleeve cuffs scratching my wrists and ankles, but thankfully, it wasn't an issue.

I also liked that this gi was reasonably lightweight, and I didn't feel like it was causing me to overheat during days when I was stuck training in hot temperatures.

Final Thoughts

I'd order the A0F if I were to get this gi again, but aside from the large jacket, I really liked everything else about the Royale. Its simplistic design and long-term durability really won me over, and I could see this being a first-choice gi for both serious competitors and dedicated casual practitioners. At $145, the price is well worth the long-lasting, high-quality material, and I'd be comfortable recommending it to both new practitioners just starting out in BJJ or longtime athletes in the sport.

To buy this gi for yourself, check it out on Sleeve & Collar's website.


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