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Shoyoroll Yank Gi Review

Shoyoroll Yank Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll YankIntroduction

The Yank was a part of Bath #8, along with the White Mamba and was limited edition.  The top was lightweight 450 gram pearl weave and the pants are 12oz ripstop cotton pants.  The top is a one-piece jacket with no back seam.  It also contains an ipod/ID pocket and has an EVA foam colar.  The white contrast stitching against the navy blue gi is pretty unique.

It was more of a tailored fit than other gis and the inner taping is, like all other SYR gis, custom.  The pants, like I said, weigh less than a pound and feature the standard SYR stretchy rope drawstring, 6 point drawstring system, the same contrast color stitching and taping as the top.

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It comes with a unique gi bag.

Shoyoroll Size Chart

Size    Height        Weight
A00    4'8″ – 5'0″    70-100
A0    5'0″ – 5'4″    100-130
A1    5'4″ – 5'8″    130-160
A2    5'8″ – 6'0″    160-195
A2H    5'8″ – 6'0″    220-250
A3    5'11” – 6'3    195-225
A3S    6'2″ – 6'5″    170-205
A4    6'2″ – 6'5″    225-250
A5    6'5″ – 6'8″    250-270

User Reviews

via Jonathan Morrell

I like the yank pretty well. The fit is the best I’ve ever had – I’m right around 5’6″, 140 lbs. The pants feel great and haven’t shown signs of wearing out. I wash mine in cold water and dry in the dryer every time. I wear it probably once per week. The best part of the gi in my opinion is the pants’ drawstring. It sounds silly but this is the first pair that didn’t get twisted and pulled tight really smoothly.

The thing that I like the least is actually the contrast stitching. It’s not bad but its a bit loud for my preference.
Overall a very sharp gi that’s comfortable and durable.

via Foblander

Fit and comfort. I am tall and lanky (5’11” 149lbs) and the A1 Yank is the perfect fit. The pants seem to be made a little longer than my 7th son and golden state, which is great because it’s actually long enough now. I originally traded a guy a brand new blue Atama for this yank in the hopes of reselling it but never mind that. The navy with white contrast stitching is such a clean look I had to keep it

via Zankou

I own the Yank, and I don’t understand the comments about how light it is. It’s heavy. Granted I usually wear Vulkans, but my other gi right now is an Atama lightweight gi, and it’s much lighter than the Yank.

On the other hand, the Yank fits great, and looks just terrific. Plus the quality is excellent. I particularly like the pants. So overall, I think it’s a terrific gi, just not as light as I’d expected from all the commentary. Guess it’s hard to go back after you go Vulkan …

via ohmalley

i have the a1 yank. i’m 5’4″ 150lbs. the pants are the only pair of ripstop pants i’ve ever truly loved. they’re heaven. also have the batch 6 and i HATE the pants.

i’m hoping the jacket continues to tighten up with each wash/dry. the batch 6 jacket shrunk perfectly. it’s my favorite fitting top. the yank jacket is a little baggier than what i prefer, but i’m still drying it after each wash.

via MrNobody

^I can understand this guys frustration. I’m also 5’11 but I weigh 205 and the A2 fits me like a glove.

I have both the Yank and the Mamba. I get lots of compliments on both gis. I prefer the mamba as it just feels cleaner. The pants are incredibly light and may not last but they have shown no signs of fatigue lately. The jackets are pretty soft but feel tough and don’t feel like sand paper after a hang dry. I’d definitely buy another.

via opencipher

I’m 5’11 as well and did find the Gi a little on the big side, and it didn’t really even shrink that much. I have the yank..but what I do LOVE is the fact that its insanely light and durable. Plus the fact that it looks awesome is a plus. Get crazy compliments on it at competitions and in class. I’m about to get my Blue soon though, and I don’t think a blue belt is gonna look as good with the Yank. My other Gi is a Fushida which I don’t even wear anymore. I used to love that Gi, but now it feels so heavy and I sweat a ton in it. Maybe in the winter I’ll switch back to it..but for now the Yank is my everyday Gi…I roll in everyday and haven’t had any issue with the pants…though they do feel like I’m wearing pajamas because they are hella light.

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  1. via kimble

    best fitting gi jacket i’ve ever owned…out of gameness, hck, breakpoint, and kickskin.

    the pants are real nice, but more geared toward competition…in other words, wearing them multiple times a week will get them thrashed real quick. they are light weight rip stop, and not meant to be trained in.

    actually, it’s a very light gi. don’t know about “ultra-light”, i would reserve that tag for the full ripstop gi’s. but the yank is a very lightweight gi…not heavy, but light…very light

  2. I love my yank, the gi fits perfect, and looks amazing, esp on my tanned skin, I feel like the pants won’t hold up, but they are doing fine so far. My only complain is that I haven’t even had it for a year and it’s already fadding.. other then that A++!

    • Wow, I haven’t seen any of them fade (not that they don’t, I just haven’t seen pictures). Do you have any pictures of the fading?

  3. via MadSweeps

    I have the yank

    5’8″ 150-160lbs, A1 fits like an absolute glove

    it is what I would consider to be an ultra light gi, in that the pants are extremely thin (yet sturdy) and the lapel is thin. the jacket itself is pretty solid, and just fits awesomely well.

    I compete in this when I am 1lb off or so, otherwise I prefer my golden state.

  4. via Easto

    own 3 Atama Mundial Gi’s and a SYR Yank.

    What I like about the Yank is the weight is lighter than Atama. The material is soft and thinner than my Atama’s.

    All my Gi’s are A3, but the Atama’s fit better. The SYR Gi’s are longer in the arms than SYR. As soon as it Gi gets wet with sweat the sleeves get too long after some rolling.

    The other thing I don’t like about my Yank is that it took several months to get it.

    I like my Yank, but I don’t like it enough to order another one over an Atama.

  5. via TangoMF

    I purchased the Yank because Shoyorolls were supposed to fit thinner athletes well.

    I did not find this to be the case. I’m 5’11”, 170lbs. Right in the middle of the provided A2 sizing. The gi was essentially one full size larger than stated, which causes a lot of extra material in the gi. This is my only real complaint.

    Otherwise the gi looks okay, feels okay and performs okay. If I could I would sell it and get another Atama Mundial gi.


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