Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

The Ring Sale Details Released Monday

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting details on Shoyoroll‘s release of The Ring since we first announced it, they just mentioned that details will be up on Monday.

shoyoroll-the-ring-persaleSince it's not a pre-order, but a pre-sale, it leads me to believe that it's a set number of gis that have been made. Meaning not everybody will get one!

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First Thoughts

Right out of the bag, I liked this gi.  I really like the quote printed inside as well.  Very cool variations in the seam taping that give it a nice aesthetic.

On my gi, the stitching is done very well, with no dropped stitches or crooked lines.


So with construction being great overall, I tried it on.  The Ring fits just like my other Shoyoroll A3 gis, but if you've never owned one before, let me mention that they are massive compared to my other A3s.  Here's some measurements (numbers in parenthesis compare it to the Submission FC Light gi):

gireviews size chart

A – 7″ (6.75)

B – 32.5 (30.25)

D – 27.25 (24.25)

E – 24 (23.25)

F – 12.75 (12)

G – 9 (9.75)

H – 40.5 (40)

 The differences in sizing really stands out in the jacket.  The ring has a wider sleeve, 2″ longer sleeves and a much wider midsection.  This isn't a big deal, just that the gi jacket is cut much larger.  This also isn't an error in construction, it's just how SYR gis fit.

As you can see, the pants of the Submission FC Light are a fair bit wider at the ankle, but more tapered in the thigh.  Also, the pants are about a half inch shorter.

Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

If we compare it to the Submission FC Light gi (which fits me very well right out of the bag), you can see that Shoyoroll gis are cut larger than other gis.  This doesn't make them good or bad, but it will definitely help you in finding the right size.  At 6'1 and 205lbs., I am going to shrink down this gi and look into picking up an A2 or A2L in the Rio Koi. Definitely keep this in mind when ordering yours!

Shoyoroll The Ring Presale

This is a pre-sale, not a pre-order. This means once they sell out they're gone.  You better sit at your computer and wait to click to get one.

Better yet, follow these tips to guarantee that you get the presale Shoyoroll.

Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

Presale Details

“The Ring” by Shoyoroll is our gi made with our signature lightweight Pearl Weave fabric. We are also introducing our new lightweight blend cotton pants. This gi was designed and inspired by one of our athletes, the American standout by the name of Ryan Hall. This is our first release of our athlete collection series, which is also a limited edition release.


Date:  MONDAY, JULY 23, 2012

Start Time: 3:00 PM, PST

End Time: **Until sold out

Retail Price:  $179.00 USD

Estimated Ship Date:  08/15/2012

Purchase Limit:  2 gi’s per customer

Where to purchase:

Please be advised, the Ring Gi WILL NOT come with a gi bag. The gi comes in the factory plastic bag. 

Gi Specs:

Color:  Black with Purple and Grey logos and trim

Gi Jacket:  Lightweight Pearl Weave

Pant:  Lightweight Cotton Blend Pant

*** Gi comes in factory plastic bag.

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Shoyoroll The Ring Pre-Sale Details Released

Metric Sizing for the Shoyoroll Batch 11

Size Weight(kgs) up to Height(cms) up to
A00 31.75-45.35 142.20-152.40
A0 49.90-63.50 152.40-162.60
A1 63.50-74.85 162.60-172.70
A1L 61.25-74.85 167.60-180.30
A2 74.85-88.45 172.70-182.90
A2h 99.80-113.40 172.70-182.90
A3 88.45-102.00 180.30-190.50
A3S 77.00-93.00 188.00-195.60
A4 102.00-113.40 188.00-195.60
A5 113.40-122.45 195.60-203.20

To Purchase!

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  1. Have you checked out Badger Kimonos yet? They have a black and orange gi in the works called the Crush. Looks pretty cool!


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