Shoyoroll The Count Batch 11 Gi Reviews

Shoyoroll The Count Batch 11 Gi Reviews


Shoyoroll Batch 11 “The Count” Preview

Shoyoroll Batch 11 mock ups have been posted recently and lots of people are excited about the classic look of Shoyoroll‘s latest offering. Shoyoroll Batch 11 will feature 前田 光世 (Maeda Mitsuyo, AKA THE COUNT).

This gi will be for sale midnight PST (2am here) between November 24th and 25th (meaning midnight between Thanksgiving and Black Friday here in the United States) for an hour and for an hour or less at noon PST on Friday the 25th. There will be other limited edition items for sale at this time as well. The other items being offered exclusively at the same time as the release (purchased separately from the gi) include a skateboard deck, an exclusive t-shirt, and a sticker. None of the items sold will be available at any other time, making this a pretty exclusive release.

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Not sure what time 12am or 12pm in California is where you live? Click the link for a great time converter: World Time Server

Estimated shipping date is April 5th, 2012.

We suggest you have everything ready (account, credit card, etc.) because while the pre-sale may be open for an hour, we don't know how fast sizes will sell out. You can also follow these tips on how to increase your chances of getting a pre-sale Shoyoroll.

Click here for more information on Shoyoroll Kimonos.

shoyoroll batch 11 the count

Shoyoroll Batch 11 The Count vs. Shoyoroll Comp 450

Lots of people have been drawing comparisons between Shoyoroll Batch 11 and the Comp 450 released by Shoyoroll in 2010. Below is a quick rundown of a comparison. They do seem similar.

  • Shoyoroll Batch 11 v Comp 450
  • 450 g/sqm Pearl Weave Jacket Lightweight 450 g/sqm Pearl Weave Fabric
  • 10 oz Drill Cotton Pants v 8 oz Drill Cotton Pants
  • Gold Weave CrotchPearl Weave Gusset
  • $165 v $140

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shoyoroll comp 450
Shoyoroll's Comp 450 Gi

Metric Sizing for the Shoyoroll Batch 11

Size Weight(kgs) up to Height(cms) up to
A00 31.75-45.35 142.20-152.40
A0 49.90-63.50 152.40-162.60
A1 63.50-74.85 162.60-172.70
A1L 61.25-74.85 167.60-180.30
A2 74.85-88.45 172.70-182.90
A2h 99.80-113.40 172.70-182.90
A3 88.45-102.00 180.30-190.50
A3S 77.00-93.00 188.00-195.60
A4 102.00-113.40 188.00-195.60
A5 113.40-122.45 195.60-203.20

American Size Chart for Shoyoroll Batch 11

shoyoroll batch 11 size chart

Shoyoroll The Count Gi Reviews

Batch 11 from Shoyoroll features the Shoyoroll The Count gi. The gi is a 450 gsm pearl weave jacket with 10 oz cotton pants. That means that this gi will be GREAT for hot weather training and for competitions, but maybe not the best if you prefer a heavier gi.

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As these gis are shipped out, reviews will be forthcoming. Please add your Shoyoroll The Count feedback to the comments below!!

Just in case you missed out on the pre-sale, people typically return Shoyoroll gis after they ship out, and often there are cancelled orders, so keep checking to see if there are any Shoyoroll The Count gis up for sale.

Shoyoroll the Count Images

Many owners noticed a spelling error on the bag










  1. Got my count on thursday, and couldn’t believe my eyes! What an amazing gi, the attention to detail is second to none as is the quality, fit, and feel of the gi. I love it! This is my first shoyoroll, but it definitely will not be my last! I trained in it for my entire session thursday night and it was extremely comfortable. I own three top level gis (lucky, gameness elite, and shoyoroll) and I’m pretty sure this one will become my favorite. I also like that they leave room across the gi for me to be able to put patches, and embroider my studio’s crest on it.

  2. Great fit and the gi looks great! I really like how shoyoroll puts thought in all of their products. Reinforced stitching in all the right places and it’s super light weight.

    • Interesting you say this Chris as SYR is one of only two brands I know who don’t reinforce their armpits (but I’ve also never heard of them ripping there).

  3. i havent rolled in it yet i will tonight, so far no loose threads on the gi it looks extremely sharp, which is why im keeping it and not selling it on eeebay, the sleeves man did they over due the sleeves though, they are long and so is the skirt, the pants fit me perfect though, ill post more details after im done rolling in it tonight

  4. I am 5’10”, and usually up to 163 lbs. I ordered the batch 11 Shoyoroll Maeda in the brand new size A1L. This is my first shoyoroll, and I was unsure of where I fit in their sizing chart, but according to the description I would make a good candidate for the gi between the a1 and a2. When it arrived, the pants were a bit longer than I prefer and the top needed to be “shrunk to fit” the way I like.
    I washed in cold water and dried in the machine low for about 7 minutes. This seemed to get the gi top to narrow a bit in the sleeves well enough. I can’t wait to roll in it as soon as I adorn my school patches.
    I follow bear on instagram and it was cool to see the process of getting the shipment out through pictures taken on his iphone. I will definatly be looking foward to future SYR releases (especially the new Ryan Hall).
    I love the site and appreciate the coverage on the GUMA membership–I was tempted but I think I will just stick to the regular releases…

    • You never know J, SYR could still do something pretty awesome with GUMA (at least I hope so!). Glad you are getting something out of the coverage. That’s the entire reason that I purchased it, so that everybody could have a thorough review of the whole process.

      Glad you’re enjoying The Count! Consensus seems to be that SYR has really redeemed itself after putting out a quality Americana, but sub-par Compadre.

  5. via

    Ladies and gentlemen, after 4 months of waiting, the newest Shoyoroll has been shipped to customers worldwide. I am not one who supports the idea of pre-ordering a jiu jitsu gi and having them take my money 4 months in advance, but Shoyoroll is notoriously hyped in the BJJ world as being a premier gi that fits like no other. So I bit the bullet. I don’t spend my money on much, mostly because I’m a poor college student, but I was in the market for a new gi anyway. The biggest reason is because although I love my Keiko Raca Limited Edition blue gi jacket, the pants are awful. Seriously Keiko, where do you get off selling these crappy pants? Anyway, I digress. How does the new Shoyoroll measure up? Let’s begin. And please note, these are POST-WASH measurements. I’ll talk more about this later in the review.

    The kimono top feels great. There was a small amount of bunching at the back shoulders, but the wash (warm) and hot, complete dry seems to have fixed that. Before the wash, the cuffs stopped about a half inch above my wrist. Post-wash (actually 2 washes later, since I rolled in it last night after the initial shrink), it’s about 3/4″ above the wrist. Quite honestly, it fits almost perfectly. One thing that I really like about the Keiko Limited kimono is the tapered collar that curves downward. It’s a different style, and there’s more material. Merely a matter of opinion, I would think. This shoyoroll is definitely lighter. Less material overall, and a different weave (pearl, compared to Keiko’s gold). This of course also factors into the shrinkage issue. Here are some more pictures of the kimono.

    Lining looks fancy. Stitching is a bit crooked.

    Close-up of the trademark patch.

    Let me quickly address the stitching on the kimono. Some others who reviewed the previous model shoyorolls have griped about the crooked contrast stitching. This model is by no means perfect, but it’s pretty damn good, in my opinion. Nothing is too muffed up looking. The seam tape is also straight all around. I think Shoyoroll fixed any problems they had with previous manufacturers, which is good. Now, on to the pants!

    I’ll cut straight to the point: these pants are perfection. They feel custom made. There is no excessive bunching in the crotch area, and there is the RIGHT amount of material, given the size, at the waist so I don’t look like I stuffed a pillow over my ass. The cuffs are slim and don’t provide an excessive amount of material for easy gripping. The crotch is reinforced with a slice of gold weave gusset, and the inside of the knees, pictured below, are reinforced with a layer of gold weave for extra durability.

    Post-shrink. Honestly, the cuffs lost maybe 1/4″. I’m talking virtually zero shrinkage here. Enough for it to pretty much form-fit you.



    Here are some stats for you. I’m 5’10”, about 147lbs, and the gi size is A1L. This is apparently a new size from Shoyoroll that is made for taller, skinnier guys. As you can see, even out of the box the thing fits wonderfully. For those unfamiliar with the weave, “pearl” refers to a treated material that withstands shrinkage better than any other weave. From what I can tell, this is true. My Keiko is a gold weave that that thing is STILL making me paranoid to dry it, even 6+ months after I got it.

    The Shoyoroll, on the far right, boasts the thickest collar. This could be attributed to wear and tear on the other two (blue is the Keiko, white on the far left is my pearl weave Alliance gi).

    Final picture is the gi bag that came with it. I don’t intend to use this, and it doesn’t seem to be particularly durable. It took me a minute to realize the glaring typo here (“repsect”). I know it isn’t the gi, but they should have made sure this didn’t happen.

    The retail price of this gi was $165 + $15 in shipping. On a scale from 1-10, I have to give it a 9/10. By comparison, given my complaints about the Keiko pants, I would have given that gi a 6.5/10. Shoyoroll needs to kill their waiting period and have gis ON HAND. I also expect a premium gi to NOT have typos on any part of the package.

    Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave any questions or comments, and please subscribe to the blog for future gear reviews and more thoughts from a grappler!

  6. I want to hear reviews about this Gi once everyone has rolled in it. From the pictures I am kicking myself a bit for not pre-ordering it, but maybe I might luck out like I did with my Americana. I must have gotten a cancelled order. Someone’s loss is my gain because I love my Americana. The only somewhat negative review I have seen has been Meerkatsu’s first look at the Count. Also, I want to know how much lighter it is compared to the Americana, because I like the weight of my Americana.

    • As far as I know Annie, they are the same weight. Same oz. cotton pants and both 450g tops (but one is gold and the other pearl). So the tops will feel different, but should be the same weight.

      It does look great in the pictures, but it’s hard to get over the misspelling on the bag. I wonder if they’ve had any problems at the IBJJF with using them.

  7. Great gi; the only issue mine has is that the rasta cuff tape is sewn on very poorly in all areas (inside of sleeves, legs, and skirt). Some areas it is not completely sewn down due to the stitches being out of alignment. My Compadre doesn’t have this issue. Did anyone else notice this?

  8. Overall the Kimono is really nice. Shoyorolls to me are great uniforms because they fit me perfect. The A2H is a perfect fit that I haven’t found anywhere else. The Jacket is well constructed and stitched well. Some crooked lines but they add character and do not take away from the performance. The Pants are good, but feel much heavier then others of the same stock (Twill Cotton). And again, they continue not to extend the knee pads? This just might be my issue, but knee pads are to cushion the knees? What good are they when your knee is bent and the knee pad is protecting your shin?

    Construction: 7 of 10
    Jacket: 9 of 10
    Pants: 6 of 10
    Fit: 10 of 10 (like a glove)
    Feel: 7.5 of 10
    Overall: 8 of 10

    • Most crooked lines are no big deal, but I’ve seen some on people’s compadres on the lapel that are just atrocious and shouldn’t have been sold. But, my 1751 and Americana are great.

      Are the shin pads on your above or below your knees? They’re reinforced no to protect the knee, but to make the pants last longer, so when the first layer of material gets worn out, the pants don’t become useless.

  9. the pants is the only issue that i have with this gi, the design jacket and the rest are all fine to me… it’s just that with the pants once it gets sweaty i do have a hard time moving with it, somehow feels a lil heavy.. now rolling with the new comp gi’s they got.


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