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Shoyoroll Batch 23 Cement Gi Preview plus Ordering Info!

Shoyoroll Batch 23 Cement Gi

A bit ago, Shoyoroll sold the white version of the Batch 23 Cement gi to GUMA members and those willing to wait in line at the IBJJF Pan Ams.

The pictures at the bottom of this post are of the white version of the gi whereas the general release gi will be NAVY (seen above and immediately below; photo courtesy of organizedhoarding).

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Shoyoroll Batch 23 Cement Gi

Shoyoroll Batch 23 Cement Gi

Batch 23 Release Info


DATE: 4/19/13

PRICE: $185 (Limit 2 per customer)


Shoyoroll Batch 23 Cement Gi

Shoyoroll Batch 23 Gi Specs

Color: Navy with Red/Grey Logos and Trim

Kimono Jacket: Lightweight Pearl Weave

Pant: Lightweight RipStop

Below are EXCLUSIVE photos of the WHITE version of the cement.  Likely, the only new detail will be the navy material versus the white.

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Cory says April 18, 2013

Is this gonna be another large release like the competitor?

    Thomas Torres says April 20, 2013

    No this was a small release

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