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Shoyoroll Americana Gi Review

Shoyoroll Americana Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana


The Shoyoroll Americana is one of the two Batch 10 gis from Shoyoroll.  Like it's partner, the Compadre, it is a 450g Gold Weave.  It's awesome for anytime training, but really great for summer training.  Overall, it is blue with red adn white trim and made of 450g soft gold weave.  The pants are 10oz cotton (drill) with a crotch made of the same gold weave material as the top.

The jacket is one piece and the collar is made of EVA foam.  The contrast stitching on the blue gi is done in white and it seems really nice overall.  It has the customary inner taping typical of Shoyoroll gis.

The Shoyoroll Americana pants are, as stated, made of 12 ounce drill cotton and have a 6 point loop with the stretchy rope drawstring.  They have the same inner taping as the top.

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User Reviews

by Careca

Great gi super soft I love the weave . Im 6’0 185 and the fitting on the A2 is perfect.

Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana

As far as Shoyorolls I can only compare this to the Yin ( My only other shoyoroll ).

This is a much better Gi . The only thing I would have liked to see is a shorter skirt on the top . The collar seem bigger than my other gi which is cool cause it looks like it will be harder for me to get choked . The pants and soft and light . I’m only of the few who prefer ripstop pants but these are the best Drill cotton ive worn . I would love to see this gi remade in Black . OSSSS !!!!!!

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Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana

by Brendan

I’ll personally review the Compadre when it gets in as well. I’ll be interested to see how the pants stack up against my other favorite pants (mundial 7 ripstop and subculture). I’m 6’1″ but around 30lbs heavier than you so I’m hoping my a3 will be a good fit because I spoke with Bear and he reminded me that these run a bit large.

Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana

by PR

Ive got a compadre too and i see a lot of common elements. Nice fit, nice material some great elements. Like the compadre on the binding tape, it misses going over the seam so it looks like a show piece(ie… look we do binding tape, but ooooops it does actually do anything). The stitching on the cuffs is all over the place and looks amateurish. I know this has a minimal effect but defiantly leave a very bad impression. Again, looks like they’re getting lazy with quality control and maybe one of the dangers of doing a batch based system(ie…. you only know when it shows up if there are issues). Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana

by Frank

At first I really didn’t care for this gi. I felt it fit awkward. As time has passed it has steadily grown on me. I still prefer a lighter gi, though that is just personal preference. The pants are pretty BA! The ridiculously long string looked out of place but after using it it is a feature I enjoy. The fact it is round means I don’t fight with it trying to get it undone after practice.

I have worn a double weave ONCE to feel it out and quickly came to the realization I like light as possible! I own a few Vulkan Pro Lights and am very happy with them. I will be looking to try a Kauai or Subculture lightweight very soon.

by Brendan

The stretchy drawstring is really nice, especially when the gi is wet (either out of the wash or after practice). It’s interesting that you consider the Americana Bjj a “heavy” gi. Have you ever owned a double weave or anything like that? The Americana feels like a super lightweight gi compared to that. And I like the pants as well. They’re a welcome change from the Mamba pants.

I like that mine has the longer sleeves. Keep your eye on because we might be giving away some SYR stuff in the near future ;o)

Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana

by Ilya

I’m 5’11 and go up and down 10 pounds between 200 and 210 every now and then. Even though I purchased the size in accordance with the height and weight, the A3 top didn’t feel good in the midsection and wrapped around way too much. The length of the pants is too long, I dislike that the most when my pants touch the floor at the heels. Also, the pants are too baggy around the butt. The feel of the gi is very soft though which is it’s best attribute. I wish I had more good things to say about this gi. Unfortunately after waiting for over 6 months to get this gi, it never lived up to its hype.


Update (3/24/2017): This gi is no longer available for purchase.

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  1. via shoyoroll’s facebook account:

    People are wondering? Where the heck is my Americana??? We are just waiting for flight details from the factory and we will post once they land!! They will be here sooner then later. Thanks for waiting again everybody!! Osss…


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