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Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money (Especially Number 4!)

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

Dear Scramble,

Shut up and take my money.



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Scramble's Current Products that make me want to grow a Don Frye mustache

Scramble Relaxatron Sweatpants

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

Seriously. I already own a pair of these (click here for my review) and they're the nicest pair of sweatpants that I own.  If you're a bargain hunter, they aren't for you, but if you're the type of guy/gal that'll rock a pair of joggers out in public or take your relaxing SRSLY, then definitely pick these up.

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Scramble Bag of Holding (Backpack)

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

Did you get the joke? Because serious, this bag holds everything.  Including my Belt of Frost Giant Strength.  Much like the joggers above, nice things tend to cost a bit more and this backpack isn't cheap, but it's awesome and will last a long time.

Galactica Shorts

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

These shorts aren't for the faint of heart.  You better not try to blend in with the rest of class with these on.  Also, learn from my mistakes. Don't be a horrible white belt wearing the flashiest grappling/mma shorts on the planet. It's a great way to get mercilessly tapped by minimalist colored belt teammates.  But seriously, these are the coolest grappling shorts I've ever seen.

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Scramble's Upcoming Products that make me have hope for the future of mankind

Made in Japan Gi

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

Not too long ago we did a short interview with Matt Benyon of Scramble where we talked about the inspiration behind this gi.  This gi will be available for pre-order right around February 28th. According to Matt:

“The two version of the gi will be as follows. We were inspired by products from other industries, such as the gaming industry. When a new game is released, you can buy just the game, or you can buy a collectors’ edition that comes in a presentation box and has something special included in it. These kings of limited edition items can be very satisfying things to save up for, to buy, and then to own. So we will offer the opportunity to buy only the gi, and then there will be a more exclusive Collector’s pack. For this, we’ve managed to secure a very special hand-made bracelet from Enson Inoue, and another piece of Scramble jewelry, both of which will come packaged with the gi. We’ll release full details soon.”

Rebel Gi

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

This gi has a lot of elements I love, but especially because it pays homage to a non-IBJJF legal gi.  If I ever run a tournament, mismatched gi colors will be mandatory and you can put patches wherever you like.  That said, I absolutely love the aesthetic of this gi and think that it deviates a bit from what Scramble has done in the past, while still remaining true to the spirit of the brand. 

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‘Peace' Sweater

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

I've always felt that the guys at Scramble are masters of big bling but also minimalist type.  I love love love this sweatshirt and if it's anything like the quality of their tees, hoodies, and relaxatron joggers, it'll be a winner for sure.

Camo spats

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

You know I'm a fan of spats that are loud as heck.  I'm very excited to see these up close.  Keep your eyes peeled for them coming soon!

Sakuraba ‘Water' Rashguard

Dear Scramble: Shut Up and Take my Money

Last but not least is one that I'm really psyched about.  I hear that it should drop at the beginning of March but while it may not give +10 to keebars, it will certainly allow me to get know nods of approval from serious MMA fans.  The final version will have larger KS logos on the shoulders as well!

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Which of the items above is your favorite? Post your answer in the comments below

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Abi says February 25, 2014

Do you know if the Made in Japan gi will be available in split sizes (A2L etc) ? Thanks.

    Brendan says March 3, 2014

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe it will, Abi 🙁

Rich Frasier says February 28, 2014

Really? They seem to have jumped the shark here.

Do you have a brand called Superdry over there?

Look at both of their logos! I actually thought that you’d included a Superdry photo of the new jumper at first glance. I would even say it goes past the point of being just derivative.

Rich Frasier says February 28, 2014

Wait, where did that new logo style come from on the Rebel?

Anyone else got any thoughts? Brendan?

    Brendan says March 3, 2014

    We don’t have Superdry over here as a major brand. I think they have it in Florida and New York but that’s about it. I’ve been a fan of their stuff for a long time.

    I think they have a very similar angle as Scramble: Americana hand type and Japanese styling.

      Rich Frasier says March 10, 2014

      Interesting. Superdry formed in 2003. Would be interested to know what Scramble say about it. They’re clearly fans of the brand as they have posted pictures of themselves wearing Superdry before now. I just think some of the items posted above are a bit too similar to claim originality, as they do.

Matt says March 11, 2014

The joggers, the SK logo, the cap were designed completely from scratch.

I can see the similarities, especially on the joggers. There is a possibility that the design went into my subconscious and I created my own design without realising how similar it was. This kind of thing is actually quite common and I see other BJJ brands doing it with Scramble designs or phrases. It happens.

I think of everything you mentioned, the joggers are the only fair game. I don’t think it’s fair to compare any of our new products with Superdry simply because they have text and kanji. I lived in Japan, my wife is Japanese, my kids are. My connection with Japan is genuine, and all our products will be based on it and my love for typography.

I formed Scramble before I knew about Superdry and unfortunately we occupy a similar kind of space – a mixture of typography and Japanese style. It’s possible that future products may remind people of Superdry.

    Rich Frasier says March 19, 2014

    Thanks for the response Matt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but I just noticed it being prevalent in a lot of the designs and wondered if it was something anyone else had any thoughts on.

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