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Scramble 1chiban / Ichiban Jiu Jitsu Gi

Scramble 1chiban / Ichiban Jiu Jitsu Gi


Scramble, the clothing brand that originated from the UK, came out with their very first jiu jitsu gi almost exactly five years ago. This article was posted around the time when all the excitement that surrounded its release was at its highest.

Named 1chiban, after the Japanese word which means “Number 1”, this gi received much adulation from people who loved Scramble's minimalistic yet stylish design.

The pre-order rush for the 1chiban was probably comparable to that of the latest Apple gadget. Only a set number of gis were prepared by the company, and pre-order was limited to a chosen few!

Below is the summary of our archived posts that tackled our anticipation of the 1chiban's release.

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The Scramble 1chiban Hype

People are calling the 1chiban the most hyped jiu jitsu gi out there that isn't a Shoyoroll.

Lots of people are waiting on pins and needles for preorder, but, in the meantime, pictures and video will have to suffice!

Half guard = The only guard


Scramble 1chiban: oui ou non?

The Scramble 1chiban has been getting hyped right and left and later this week, Meerkatsu will be doing a sick pre-order review of it.

In the meantime, we wanted to take a second to share a few thoughts about this new gi!

    1. The contrast stitching looks sick.  The Navy cotton with the yellow stitch is a nice look and very ‘Scramble.'
    1. ‘Nipplegate' as our buddy Seymour referred to it as (flowers on front of the lapel, seem to be a non issue. They look much higher in the newest imagery than first though and look great.
    1. We're digging the Scramble Ichiban patch on the pant leg.  Looks fantastic.
  1. Honestly, we're most excited for all of the things we haven't seen.  The best part of the ‘Be Water' rashguard and Bushido shorts are the little sayings on the labels inside and other small details.

This new Scramble 1chiban gi is sure to have a few!

scramble 1chiban

Check out Scramble's Latest Gis at Amazon

Details on the Scramble 1chiban Gi

The innovative Scramble brand launches their very own Jiu-jitsu kimono. This is a limited edition release featuring:

  • 550GSM Pearl Weave Jacket in Navy Blue colour
  • Cotton / Poly Blend trousers
  • Contrast yellow stitching throughout
  • Flat drawstring supplied with pants, stretchy rope drawstring will also be included
  • Mediumweight gi – not ultra light, nor heavyweight
  • Approx A2 weight: 1900grams
  • Made in Pakistan, designed in the UK
  • Other standard features – EVA foam collar, one piece back construction, etc.
  • IBJJF rules currently state “White, black or blue gi”. The exact status on navy is still unclear. All other aspects of the gi are competition legal


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