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Ronin Samurai Gi Preview

Ronin Samurai Navy BJJ Gi

Initial Thoughts

overview of the ronin samurai in navySo I’m about 6’1 and 200lbs and I wear an A3 in most gis.  I have recently found through experimentation, that I wear an A2 in Shoyoroll.  So when looking at sizing for the Ronin Samurai, I decided to go with their A2L (A2 Long) size gi.  It fits perfectly.  And I mean it’s probably one of the best two or three gis that I’ve found to date.  Don’t be surprised if I get this gi later on in white as well!

The color stands out and holds true after a lot of abuse.  I’ve put this gi through about 20 hard training sessions and haven’t found the embroidery to wear out prematurely.  In fact, it still looks great despite all of the abuse.   I always wash my gis on cold and hang dry so I can’t make any notes about shrinking it, but for a look at the gi, as well as other thoughts of mine about it, check the video below.


What do you think? Something you might be interested in picking up?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Kyle Romanowski says November 18, 2012

That gi is awesome, I was planning on getting one, but being a grad student money never goes your way. So hopefully I’ll be able to get one eventually :/

    Brendan says November 19, 2012

    they might have a black friday deal. definitely check it out!

Joe says November 25, 2012

I ordered one in dark blue as soon as it was available for pre order. It has not shipped yet. As soon as I get it I will send in my thoughts. I am 5’10” and 165 lbs and ordered an A2.

    Brendan says November 26, 2012

    awesome! thanks Joe!

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