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Reevo Aerolight II Gi Review: I can feel it, rolling in the Aerolight… Oh Lord…

Reevo Aerolight II Gi Review: I can feel it, rolling in the Aerolight… Oh Lord…


A product of Hatashita International, the Reevo Aerolight II is an innovative product with the unique feature of mesh venting in its underarms.  This is an attractive and durable product that can make a fine addition to your gi collection.

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This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for Hatashita International or Reevo.


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I received the Reevo Aerolight II back in July.  I had seen Reevo Aerolight products on BJJhq for a while and never really knew what to think, a gi with mesh vents in the armpits?  Weird!

The gi arrived in a nice drawstring bag and came with a Reevo patch.

I reviewed the gi over the course of 5 months, I really wanted to see if the mesh would hold up over time (it did.)

I found this gi attractive and the mesh venting made a noticeable difference, check out my review!


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I’m 6’1, around 195-205 pounds (depending on the week.)  The size that tends to fit me best is A2L.  I sent this information to Reevo when they decided to send me a gi to review, and they opted to send me their A4.  That’s right; their A4 is apparently designated for someone my size.  The size charts on their website indicate that their A4 is suited for a person 6’1-6’4 weighing 200-240 pounds.

The gi fits like an A4 made to fit a man my size would, awkwardly but not unacceptably so.  It feels like a BJJ cut judo gi, with generous amounts of fabric but never overboard.  I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t pick this fit for myself.

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A:  7.25gi-reviews-gi-measurement-size-chart-300x279

B:  28

C:  32

D: 24

E: 22.25

F: 14

G: 9.25

H: 41


Reevo did a good job making this gi look sharp.  The model I received is black with silver trim and a patterned silver seam tape.

The gi top features the gi’s main selling point, large swaths of silver mesh under each armpit.

The gi’s design is relatively simple with the occasional Reevo logo hit.  I like the Reevo logo so that’s fine by me.

Perhaps the biggest design flaw in the gi is the seam tape which is unusually itchy and sharp.  Reevo chose to place a strip of seam tape running immediately behind the lapel, which normally would be a favourable feature (as it can prevent successful collar grips.)  But in this case it made the gi very uncomfortable to wear when dealing with a training partner pulling on it.

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The fabric Reevo chose for this gi is 450 GSM pearl weave.  I was impressed by how soft and light the fabric is, and unlike most other gis I’ve reviewed I can honestly say that this pearl weave seemed simply put different.  In a good way.

The gi features an EVA foam filled lapel covered in the same soft rip stop as they used for the pants.  The lapel is of medium thickness.

I noticed that the stitching is more angular than on many other gis, forming sharp angles at the stitch that goes across the body.  I didn’t notice a significant difference as a result of this, but I thought it was an interesting detail.

The armpit mesh on this gi doesn’t quite have the aerating effect that one would expect but rather acts as a great wicking point for sweat.  I actually really enjoyed this aspect of the gi and was amazed at the durability of the fabric through many training sessions.

Reevo keeps the design clean and simple with rip stop trim, silver stitching and their seam tape.  Not much more to say about the top!


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Reevo made the trousers out of a soft rip stop.

Given the awkward fit of the gi altogether the pants had a very generous feel to them.   However I didn’t notice any significant issues as a result of this.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the gi is the pant rope.  Reevo chose a really cool looking branded rope for this part of the gi, and they went with the same interesting material that they used for the seam tape as the rope loops.  I thought this was a neat design point.

Reevo used full length double material as the knee covering on the pants, a feature that many gi reviewers, me included, greatly value as it gives an all around better feel for the pants.

Rolling Performance

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The gi was nice to roll in but honestly, the seam tape scratching the back of my neck posed an issue, but otherwise the gi was very comfortable and fun to roll in.  After a while, the seam tape broke down a bit and it was fine.

The fit of the gi didn’t cause any issues, but I wouldn’t wear it to tournament lest an opponent have extra fabric with which to play.

The underarm venting made the gi nice to roll in over the course of a hot Cleveland summer.  Definitely a great innovation by Reevo.

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Reevo’s Aerolight II is a solid product and if you sweat profusely in training, I would highly recommend it because of its underarm venting.

The gi is an attractive and well built product that lasted the duration of my test still looking new and fresh.

You can see more details about the Reevo Aerolight II gi up at

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