Raijin Fightwear Signature BJJ Gi: A Thunderously Good Product

Raijin Fightwear Signature BJJ Gi: A Thunderously Good Product

Raijin Fightwear Signature BJJ Gi


Raijin Fightwear uses clean color schemes coupled with intriguing logos to present a sort of modern look that many people crave.

The Raijin Fightwear Signature BJJ Gi held up very well over the course of 6 months and is definitely a worthy entry to the gi market.  If you like the styling of this gi, do not hesitate to buy it!

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Raijin is the Japanese god of lightning, thunder and storms (according to Wikipedia).  This gi follows true to that theme, featuring calligraphy-like embroidery as well as taping and panels displaying a storm theme.  The gi is beautiful.

I received the gi in a pretty awesome drawstring bag with an image of Raijin on the front of it.

Performance-wise I had no complaints, and it was a pleasure to roll in.  The gi’s relative simplicity was a refreshing refrain from a lot of the bedazzled gis out there on the market, but it definitely had its own personality.  Probably my favorite feature of this gi is the slogan that is prominently displayed on its tags: Respect All Fear None.  Awesomeness.


I’m 6’1, 195.  The best fit for me is an A2L.  This gi is an A3, but it fit me very similarly to A2Ls that I wear.  I was very pleased with the fit of this gi, but if I were a “true A3” I may have been disappointed.  Check out the measurements.


A:  6.75

B:  29

C:  32

D: 23.5

E: 24

F: 12.5

G: 9.25

H: 37.5


The outside of this gi is, in one word, simple.  Externally the design is white with silver contrast stitching and black embroidery/piping.  Simply.  Beautiful.

The main logo of the gi on the arms is what looks like a grouping of gusts of wind.  This is also present on the left pant leg.  There is a small bit of writing on the bottom of the left lapel that says “Raijin Fightwear” in calligraphy.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the gi is the stretchy storm themed sublimated yoke panel and skirt slit reinforcement.  Also all of the taping is storm themed.  This brings me to my only quality issue, the taping started to split in some areas.  This doesn’t affect the performance of the gi but it was the one issue the otherwise perfect gi had.


Oh I’ll keep using this one word over and over again: CLEAN.  This gi is CLEAN.  The design is CLEAN.  It is gorgeous.

The gi top is made of 550 gsm pearl weave that feels much lighter than it is (a good thing), and the collar is a supple rip stop covered EVA foam.  Not the thickest collar I’ve seen but certainly substantial.

One feature that the jacket has that I haven’t seen in many other gi is stretchy sublimated rash guard material in the yoke panel.  Most gis I’ve rolled in had some sort of Lycra or mesh in the yoke panel, this is the only one that I’ve tested that has rash guard material.  And it’s really nice.

The bright lightning themed interior looks awesome, and Raijin went as far as to do another thing I really like: they put taping past the inner collar.  This means that taking collar grips on this gi are far more difficult.

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The pants on this gi have full length double material which is awesome, but they didn’t do my favorite thing (put pearl weave in the gusset).  For their second gi I think they should do that.

The pants, like the top are clean and simple made of rip stop with black detailing.  The rope loops are white though.

The stretchy rope is unknotted and melted, it held up nicely over the course of the test period.

Rolling Performance

The top performed great. Fitting well and having taping past the collar really helped its performance.

The pants were comfortable and well fitted.

I have no complaints about the performance; the gi was a delight to look at and to roll in.


As a first entry into the gi market, the Raijin Fightwear Signature BJJ Gi was an absolute delight.  I had no real issues with it other than a minor issue with the taping that had no affect on its performance.

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If you find the styling visually pleasing I recommend getting one!  You can check out this gi and the rest of Raijin’s product offering through their website.

Disclosure: This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of gireviews.net) for review.  I have never done any work with or for Raijin Fightwear.

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