GiReviews Podcast 001: Me | You | GiReviews

GiReviews Podcast 001: Me | You | GiReviews

GiReviews Podcast 001: Me | You | GiReviewsYES! It's finally freaking here!

The very first ever episode of the GiReviews Podcast!

(No Jar Jar Binks jokes, I promise)

If you look below, there's a handy-dandy link to let you save it to your computer, or you can click on the little play button below to listen to it here on the blog.

A lot of you already know a ton about me, but I think you'll learn a lot more in this first podcast.  I also go over how the show will run in the future and why type of ridiculousness you can expect in the future!

I will also always have show notes posted below with links to things that I talk about in the show so don't worry about replaying it multiple times trying to figure out what I was talking about.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them in the comments area below!

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Right click here to download the MP3

Items Mentioned in This Session:

  1. BJJinChicago
  2. Pat Flynn and
  3. My first review
  4. Why I started the podcast
  5. GiReviews on Facebook and Twitter


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  1. Love it Brendan, and I like the more compact length. As much as I love sitting and listening to 2hr long podcasts, I think everybody is running in that direction. Can’t wait for the GiBook!

    …and NOT cool@warts.

  2. Well done Brendan!

    It’ll be great when its available on iTunes so I can drag you with me wherever.

    “Kharma exists on line” sounds like a tag line to me…..

  3. Uh, did you have all those warts when I rolled with you?

    Seriously, hygiene is the single biggest problem we have as a grappling community. We all have to do our part individually: brush your teeth, trim your nails, make sure you wear rashguards (even a T-shirt is better than nothing under your gi). Every gym should be vacuuming and mopping the mats with a light disinfecting solution at least once a day. If I roll somewhere, and my white gi pants aren’t so white at the end of class…I’m never going back there. There’s no bigger turnoffs than cobwebs in the corners and dirt ingrained in the cracks.

    • haha. no. i’m good now. And I agree about my white gi pants getting really dirty. I can’t believe some places don’t clean the mats every day. If I ever have my own gym, I’ll be cleaning it twice per day.


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