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Pakari Manguu Gi Review: A Gi Fit For A Maori Warrior

Pakari Manguu BJJ Gi Review


I had never heard of Pakari before they reached out to Gi Reviews for a review, but upon looking at their website and social media I was pleased to see some really interesting and attractive designs that I found to be very similar to the design points of a the Zuri gi I reviewed a few years back.  How did the Pakari Manguu gi stack up?  Read more to find out!

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This Gi was submitted to me free of charge (by way of for review.  I have never done any work with or for Pakari.


I first heard of Pakari through some social media advertisement and found their designs to be attractive.  I’m a big fan of the black and grey color scheme, the streamlined clean design and the beautiful inner lining.

The gi arrived with a bag and a wrist band with a zippered pocket.  I wore the gi for a few months to see how it held up, check out my review to see how  it stacked up.


I’m 6’1, 195.  The best fit for me is usually an A2L.  This gi was the slimmest cut A2L I’ve ever worn, honestly the fit was atrocious for my body type, and the pants were too narrow rendering the gi nearly unwearable.  I chose to mostly wear it to teach in rather than to roll because the pants were so narrow that I couldn’t move well in them.  That being said, the fit was my ONLY complaint, so if the fit appeals to you, go for it. 

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A:  5.75

B:  28.5

C:  30.5

D: 22

E: 18.25

F: 12

G: 7.5

H: 37.5


The Pakari Manguu takes a lot of its design cues from Maori art. 

The black gi features grey and black trim throughout.  Each shoulder has a mask and the brand name on it.  The seamtape is silky and shiny and gorgeous featuring the brandname. 

Throughout the gi there is a stiff lycra lining that is in the yoke panels and vents. 

I found the gi to be absolutely gorgeous, almost like an upgrade of the Zuri gi that I reviewed several years ago.

I really liked the look and feel of the this gi.


Pakari made the Manguu jacket from a nice 450 gsm pearl weave.  The collar is thick EVA foam and covered with twill, this is one of the thicker collars I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. 

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The yoke panel and vents of the top feature a lycra lining which wicked sweat away nicely and made the gi attractive when it came off.  The seamtape was soft, silky and shiny, and the vents featured a perforated fabric different from the seamtape and lining. 

Each shoulder features a mask and the brandname.  The gi has a symmetrical, clean look to it.  There is also a small patch on the skirt displaying the name of the gi the “manguu” which according to Pakari’s website means “black” in Maori. 

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The thick 12 oz cotton twill trousers are well made like the top featuring a pearl weave gusset, a 4 loop closure system and an untied stretchy rope. The rope vent is made of the same perforated material as the venting on the jacket, and the seamtape is also the same.

The double material knee padding stops about 6 inches above the bottom cuff and the left leg features a mask patch.

The pants fit awfully.  They were the narrowest pants I’ve ever worn, and I felt like the bound my hips.  Otherwise they were gorgeous.

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Rolling Performance

I wish this gi fit like other A2L’s because I’m sure I’d have loved rolling in it.  The thick collar and long, athletic cut was very attractive but unfortunately the slimness made it nearly unwearable.  My open guard range of motion was cut in half. I'm really sorry it didn't fit better.

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Pakari made a beautifully well crafted product that unfortunately didn’t fit my birthing hips.  If you are tall and very skinny this is a great gi to consider.  Hit up for this and other products by this up and coming company. 

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