Koral MKM Competition Kimono Review


The Koral MKM Competition Gi is made in Brazil and 100% cotton.  Typically when people think of Koral, they think of this gi.  It has the most patches of any Koral gis and, if you’re like me and like that look, this is a great gi for you.  It has a bit more of a competition cut meaning its a bit thinner in certain areas with a shorter skirt making it more competitive.

This gi has been used by a lot of competitors for a long period of time and is tried and true.  A great choice if you’re looking for a new kimono.  As with all Koral MKM gis, the belt is not included.

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Subculture Red Dawn Lightweight Gi Review

Subculture Red Dawn Lightweight Gi Review

by James

SubCulture Lightweights are a durable cotton that’s pretty lightweight.  This Red Dawn offers a REALLY nice red contrast stitchin that DOES NOT bleed.  This was an issue with other kimonos from brands like Keiko Raca in the past, but I can personally assure you that the colors will hold.  The gi dries really fast and is really light at 2.8lbs.  It’s 100% cotton, features ripstop pants (similar to Atama ripstop Mundial 9 pants) and has a rubberized lapel.

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Ouano Lightweight Gi Review

Gi Review: Ouano Lightweight

Ouano Lightweight

The Ouano lightweight is made from 100% cotton and has a pretty thick lapel for a lightweight gi.  The collar is made of EVA foam.  The cotton is mercerized and sunforized which gives it a slight sheen.  It also holds the color and it probably won’t shrink too much so make sure you order the size that is right for you.

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Shoyoroll Americana Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll Americana


The Shoyoroll Americana is one of the two Batch 10 gis from Shoyoroll.  Like it’s partner, the Compadre, it is a 450g Gold Weave.  It’s awesome for anytime training, but really great for summer training.  Overall, it is blue with red adn white trim and made of 450g soft gold weave.  The pants are 10oz cotton (drill) with a crotch made of the same gold weave material as the top.

The jacket is one piece and the collar is made of EVA foam.  The contrast stitching on the blue gi is done in white and it seems really nice overall.  It has the customary inner taping typical of Shoyoroll gis.

The Shoyoroll Americana pants are, as stated, made of 12 ounce drill cotton and have a 6 point loop with the stretchy rope drawstring.  They have the same inner taping as the top.

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Shoyoroll Compadre Gi Review

Gi Reviews: Shoyoroll Compadre


This Batch #10 gi, the Shoyoroll Compadre, is one of Shoyoroll’s sigature lightweight brazilian jiu jitsu gis.    It marks the return of their 450g Gold Weave.  It’s awesome for summer training and the color is white with brown and orange stitching and trim.  As stated, the Shoyoroll Compadre jacket is made of 450gram soft gold weave.  Pants are 12oz. drill cotton with the gold weave crotch.

The jacket is one piece and the collar is EVA foam.  Again, stitching is orange and brown and the gi has nice, but reportedly very scratchy inner taping.

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Shoyoroll White Mamba Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll White Mamba


We are proud to release the much anticipated White Mamba Gi. The White Mamba gi is the second gi of the East vs. West Series of gi’s for Batch #8. We also feature some design work by artist by the name of John Smalls. This gi is made from our signature 450 lightweight pearl weave top and popular 12 oz rip stop pants. This is gi also comes with a limited edition gi bag. Enjoy!
Batch #8 – East vs. West Series 2 of 2.

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Shoyoroll Yank Gi Review

Gi Review: Shoyoroll YankIntroduction

The Yank was a part of Bath #8, along with the White Mamba and was limited edition.  The top was lightweight 450 gram pearl weave and the pants are 12oz ripstop cotton pants.  The top is a one-piece jacket with no back seam.  It also contains an ipod/ID pocket and has an EVA foam colar.  The white contrast stitching against the navy blue gi is pretty unique.

It was more of a tailored fit than other gis and the inner taping is, like all other SYR gis, custom.  The pants, like I said, weigh less than a pound and feature the standard SYR stretchy rope drawstring, 6 point drawstring system, the same contrast color stitching and taping as the top.

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Venum Power Gi Reviews

Gi Review: Venum Power


The Venum Power gi is a pretty cool gi.  And its offered in the sand / tan color which sin’t very common.  The jacket is one piece and is made in Brazil.  It advertises itself as a strong training and competition gi, but not a ‘lightweight’ gi. (See below that the Venum weighs 4-6lbs).  The collar is fairly hard and the stitching appears to be solid.  Like Koral, Venum gis don’t come with belts.

On a side note, they DO come with a sticker and a crazy “mini” gi that you have to see to believe.

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Manto Select Gi Review

Gi Review: Manto Select

Manto Select Review

The Manto Select gi is a single weave lightweight gi with improved pants compared to Manto’s first gi offering.  There are extra belt loops and the pants have a rope drawstring similar to Shoyoroll gis.  The fit is pretty snug (not baggy) and there is no seam on the back of the gi.

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Isami Kimono Gi Review

Gi Review: Isami Kimono Summary

The Isami Kimono gi is pretty pricey, but by all accounts, you get what you pay for.

Unlike most gis that are made is Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, or wherever, the Isami’s are the pinnacle of Japanese gis.  Isami kimonos are shipped directly from Japan.

It’s got a good amount of mobility and feels different than most other gis you’ve probably worn.

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