Naja Extreme Gold Gi Review

Naja Extreme Gold Gi Review

Gi Review: Naja Extreme Gold Kimono

Naja Extreme Gold Kimono

Naja, the makers of the Naja Extreme Gold Kimono, are based out of Brazil and I saw them in a few magazines before I ever considered buying one.  Not many people here in the United States have a Naja kimono either, so that was cool.

Because most everybody who owns a Naja lives in Brazil, I had no idea what to think.  Thankfully, I didn't make a mistake with my purchase.  Naja is available through for a pretty reasonable price considering it is one of the few brands still made in Brazil.

For a gold weave gi, the Naja Extreme Gold Kimono is pretty light.  It's built just as solid as my Koral and the patches are big, but clean.  The collar is thinner than my Subculture Gold weave, which isn't to my taste, so I assume the Silver Ultra Light's collar is extremely thin.  The gi comes in all the traditional colors, including camouflage, which is pretty popular here in the U.S.

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Gi Review: Naja Extreme Gold Kimono


Update (3/23/2017): This gi is no longer available. You can check out their website  for other similar gis.

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