Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy Gi Review

Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy Gi Review

Gi Review: Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy

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Finally, my review of the new Lucky Gi– I was entranced by the concept of bamboo fabric for jiu jitsu gis. Entranced, but also nervous about the $289 price tag. Could a gi really be worth that much? I loved my old-version Lucky (the Lovato model) and still do. But I bought it used on ebay for $67! Still, I was pretty curious when I read what Lucky has to say about it:

“If you live anywhere in the world you can get your new Lucky Gi shipped to you for free. We really want everyone to see how great this new Bamboo Fabric is. It has some amazing properties. Your gi will always smell better, it will be cleaner and much softer too. Best of all you will always look great and feel great!”

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Well hey, if I always look and feel great, that $300 would be worth it.

lucky gi rude boy side view

lucky gi rude boy back view


So…. here it is– the “Rude Boy” or rasta version of the new Lucky Gi. This is the embroidery on the back of the gi jacket, across your shoulderblade area. It’s attractive in its own way, very bright and blingy, and the embroidery is tight and smooth. The fabric is ridiculously silky soft, almost velvety, and very “fluid” under your fingers.


As far as texture goes, the Lucky lapel is just how I like it– a little softer and more flexible, because I like to play games with my lapels and theirs, and I figure if it comes down to being harder to choke because the lapel is really thick and stout, I’m already screwed. But if you like a HCK-like (or old Atama-like) monster lapel, you won’t really care for this, imho.

But some of the “cutesy” things didn’t make so much sense to me. This interior label states “The harder they come the harder they fall” — either I didn’t get it, or it wasn’t funny. [edit: Marie helpfully explains the origin and reference of this statement, below in the comments. Yay!] But whatever, it shows some attention to detail. And, sadly, some lack thereof– look at the knot of threads bound together in the seam to the right. It doesn’t really matter, as that triple-seam is on the edge of the jacket where it won’t really get much action, but I looked at it and thought “I paid $300 for this and the guy who sewed it made $.30.”

lucky gi rude boy patch

lucky gi rude boy inside


I could live with all the missed stitches, dropped seams, loose tape etc. But I can’t live with the fit. Unfortunately I lost my pre-wash measurements so I don’t have actual numbers, but I can tell you after two HOT hot washes, and two HOT dries in the machine, it didn’t shrink more than 1/4″ of an inch in any direction. And that might have been my error of measurement. Seriously, the BIGGEST size A1 gi I have ever worn. I put on my husband’s A2 and this Lucky was bigger. Look!

lucky gi rude boy top sleeves

lucky gi rude boy crotch

I’m truly sorry to seem to bash on this gi. If it were a $150 gi, I’d take it to the seamstress and have the jacket shortened and the sleeves shortened, and I’d be rolling around in luxury with a $200 (total) gi that felt like sinful heaven on my skin.

When I emailed Scott about this, his reply was a paragon of customer service:


Thank you for your feed back. Yes the bamboo doesn’t shrink like the cotton does.

What were the quality issues. Please let me know so I can fix them. Thank you!

Yes you can return or exchange the gi just let me know.

Hope you feel better!


If the gi had fit, I would have delightedly taken him up on his willingness to make it all good. I just think I have too big a bum for the size A0, and I have enough gis already. If you have long arms in comparison to your torso/legs, or if you have problems at IBJJF events with gi sleeves not reaching to your wrists and being rejected… or if you dig their aesthetics —

Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy

Rude Boy is not just a Rihanna's song.  Jamaican in origin, it's a word commonly used to describe criminals and social deviants.  While you don't have to shoot the sheriff to wear it, it still has some sass to it.

lucky gi rude boy top bottom

lucky gi rude boy logo

This lucky bamboo rude boy gi was designed by Da Hui crew member, Scott le Roc.

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These new lucky bamboo rude boy gis have a new type of fabric never really seen before in BJJ gis: bamboo.  They claim to be stronger, softer, very lightweight, and carry a 1 year warranty.  That's pretty cool because although many manufacturers will replace a gi if you call them, there really aren't any written warranties out there, especially after you wash the gi. 

Gi Review: Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy

lucky gi rude boy lapel

The new lucky bamboo rude boy gis also claim to be stronger than cotton and hemp and as soft as silk.  They also may hardor less bacter compared to their cotton counterparts.

What I think is cool about these gis is that they are made from such a renewable resource.  Since bamboo grows very fast and can be cut without killing the plant, it can renew itself very fast.

Like all Lucky gis, these lucky bamboo rude boy gis are made to be just as high quality.  The top is a 420gram Platinum weave, the same as the last generation of Lucky gis.  The collar is made of foam and is very light and flexible.

Read more: Platinum Jiu Jitsu: Setting a New Standard for the Premium Gi

The pants weight 10 ounces and are a low cut fit.  They are, however, an inch longer than the old gis and feel very soft.

Size Chart:

A1 5’6” – 5”8
A2 5’8” – 5’11”
A3 5’11” – 6’1”
A4 6’1” – 6’5”
A5 6’5” – 6’10”
A6 6’10” – 7'0″

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About Lucky Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis

Gi Review: Lucky Bamboo Rude Boy

Lucky started out with conversations between their owner, who trained with Ralph Gracie, and his '90s teammates BJ Penn and Dave Camarillo.  He traveled all over the world from Brazil, to Pakistan, and then to China to decide where to have their gis made.

Finally settling on China (where most Japanese gis are made), they've come out with some solid gis in the past and are now producing a line of bjj gis made out of bamboo!

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