An Interview with Jack of Roll Supreme


Jack runs the incredibly awesome BJJ brand, Roll Supreme.

I've been in touch with him since the absolute start of the brand and I was really pumped he agreed to let us see behind the curtain into the inner workings of his life and Roll Supreme.

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In ten words (or less), give us a summary of Roll Supreme:

Jiu jitsu based brand providing sports and street wear, yo.

What are some things you’re into outside of BJJ?

I'm into graphic design so I'm always messing around in illustrator/ photoshop or drawing. I like to travel too. Since starting Roll Supreme I haven't had the chance to do much. Theres some pretty good surf and bike trails near me too… I'm sure I used to be into a lot more but jiu jitsu has kind of taken over.

Roll Supreme BJJ gi

If you could create a TV series, what would it be about?

It would be a jiu jitsu version of House of Cards.

Anybody out there outside of the BJJ world that you’re really interested in collaborating with?

Theres quite a lot street artists and graffiti people i'd love to collaborate with. I'm a big fan of the guys from Prefab77 and Hush. Working with other clothing brands would be cool someone like North Face or Acronym!

When you need to have down time or need to just get away from your work, where do you go?

Mat time cures all.

You can turn up and get smashed for a few rounds or just flow rolling and have fun. I think exercise and movement play a huge part in relieving stress. Theres tiny rituals you can do during the day to give yourself a break even its just walking the dog or making a coffee. Those 10 minutes where you're focused on a menial fast can sometimes blow out the cobwebs. BJJ is just an extension of that.

If you were to run into your 16 year old self today, what would he think about you?

I wouldn't care. I'd give him/me a kick up the arse and tell him to start training!

If you could have any athlete wear one of your gis, who would it be?

There's literally 100's of guys i'd be honoured to see wearing one of my gis. I still get pumped when I go to a comp people turn up wearing some of my gear.

Roll Supreme BJJ gi label

What are three records you consider to be classics?

These questions are hard!

These 3 are just my very personal choices:

Bob Dylan – The times they are a-changing

Nirvana – Nevermind

The Arctic Monkeys first album

Roll Supreme BJJ gi the base

A lot of the people in our line of work are a collector in some form or another. Do you have any collections or little obsessions?

No real collections. As you can tell by the designs I like to keep things minimalist. There's plenty of little obsessions though!

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What’s the future hold for you?

Short term: working hard and pushing Roll Supreme forward Mid term: starting to work with bigger name athletes on the world stage. Some more collaborations/ adding new products. Long term: a bricks and mortar shop/ gym. Traveling around.

End game: The new Nike.

Check out Roll Supreme on Facebook, their blog and their web store

Definitely don't miss out on their raddest offering to date, The Base gi.


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