An Interview with Nathiely De Jesus

An Interview with Nathiely De Jesus

Nothing beats learning from the pros so, here at, we take the time to interview and learn more from those who have already achieved much in their careers.

Nathiely de Jesus, Habrok Sports' newest addition, is a two-time IBJJF World Champion and a leading role model for the Jiu Jitsu community.

Exactly what does it take to be the best of the best in jiu jitsu? Let's find out…

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What is the best advice you can give somebody who is starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

I would like to say that at the beginning it may seem a bit difficult not to give up because jiujitsu was the best thing that happened in my life through sports we can lead a healthier life, help in losing weight, decrease stress and make life much happier.

What role does ego play in jiu jitsu?

I don't think ego plays a specific role in jiu jitsu but I believe in remaining humble in both victory and defeat.

What separates those who excel from those who do not?

In the world of jiujitsu we have a lot of very good athletes but they do not stand out because in the competitions they can not put the game into practice, it's not just jiujitsu issue, but the most important thing to highlight is the mind.

Have you ever been nervous before a BJJ competition?

Yes, much more at the beginning when I started to compete, feeling nervous is normal, even now, I get a little drained in the big competitions.

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If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself as a white belt?

I think I would not say anything because things happen for a reason and I thank God for everything he has given me.

Who is the best person you have ever rolled with?

This is a difficult question to answer because I already trained with many high level people, but for me there are no better rolls than my training partners.

Who is the best person you have ever competed against?

That’s hard to answer because at the Black belt level they're always hard fights, but I think the best girl I've been competing against is Tayane Porfirio.

How many times a week should you train?

I train every day, I just rest on the weekends.

What kinds of activities do you do outside of jiu-jitsu?

For me there is nothing better than eating lol but I love to stay home and watch movies and of course go to Church, that’s sacred for me .

What do you feel are some of the mistakes instructors make when teaching BJJ?

I do not like to talk about the work of people because each one has a different way of teaching, but I think the biggest mistake some people make is wanting to pass positions that do not work. I think we should all train in basic and efficient jiu jitsu before we want to learn more advanced things.

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What advice would you give competitors looking to attain sponsorships?

Be a dedicated, charismatic and hard-working athlete and the reward will come, above all, deliver yourself into the hands of God because he has the best for each one of us.

You recently signed with an awesome BJJ company, Habrok. What do you like the most about Habrok?

I like the way they relate to athletes not only as a sponsor but more as friends, I think this is very important for everyone.

What other awesome things are on the horizon for you?

I am travelling a lot and planning to do a seminar tour this summer and fall. I also plan on competing at all the major tournaments and represent the sport as best as I can.

An Interview with Nathiely De Jesus

Quick fire, rapid questions:

Favorite sweep – balloon sweep
Favorite position – lasso guard
Favorite submission – choke from the back
Favorite takedown – collar drag
Favorite color – Red
Favorite candy – I love all of candies!

How/where can people find out more about you?

They can visit my Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel.

Also make sure to check out Habrok Sports & follow them on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube


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