Updated: How to get a pre-sale Shoyoroll Guaranteed

Updated: How to get a pre-sale Shoyoroll Guaranteed


You were all set to order your Shoyoroll Ring.  You read all of the previews and had been geeking out on it for a few weeks now.

You logged onto Budovideos at the appointed release time, put the in your cart, and… nothing.

Nothing happened.

You relogged on.


Then a third time.

Aaaaaaand its sold out.

I’m sure a lot of you have horror stories like the one above.  (In fact, feel free to post them in the comments below).

he gone

But we have a few options that will help you.

  1. First is everything that I recommended in the first article, while I'll repost below, just for continuity.
  2. Second is something that I'd only previously shared with the mailing list.
  3. Third is just another new recommendation for grabbing one of the gis.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). These are all things that I have experience with that I am recommending because they are helpful and are companies that I have personally purchased from, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products. If you have any questions about the links on this page, please email me!

1. How to get a Shoyoroll Guaranteed

Join the mailing list over on the right sidebar

Ask anybody on the list.  There is absolutely NO WAY that you will be able to miss the release.  I emailed everybody a few days ago to let them know it was coming out (time date, etc.) and I’ll probably e-mail you again on the 16th to remind you it’s only a week away and again on the 22nd.

This might seem like a lot of emails, but I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on how helpful it is and I want to make sure my readers get a gi, not everybody else.

Also, please note, in the case of The Ring, it goes on sale at 3pm PST, which is 5pm CST, and 6pm EST.


Bookmark this link so you have no trouble getting to the site on sale/order day. ALSO, if you purchase from Budovideos, don't forget to CLICK HERE and save 5% on this purchase using the code “GIREVIEWS-BUDO” at checkout)

Make an account

This is the game-changer.

This tip alone will already put you ahead of the pack.  Most of the people trying to buy a gi will be typing in their address, etc. just like I did on that fateful day.


By making an account ahead of time and logging in 5-10 minutes before pre-sale starts, you can bypass all of that.  See below on how to make an account.

Go to Budovideos.com and click on My Account (click the photos below to see an enlarged version)


Click ‘Click here to register.’


Enter all of your information at your leisure (you don’t have to hurry today!)


Submit it and if they send a confirmation email, make sure you get it and confirm the account.

This will save you a TON of time on sale/order day.


Have credit card info ready

shoyoroll credit card

While it isn’t possible to type your credit card info into the system ahead of time, you can have your card number already typed out in a text document.

Instead of having to read it off the card and type it in, just copy and paste it in on sale/order day to save you another valuable 10-15 seconds.


1. Join our mailing list

2. Make an account ahead of time and log into prior to pre-sale

3. Have CC info already on a text document to copy and paste


2. Paypal

This information was only previously available to my mailing list, but I really wanted to open it up to everybody to help make sure that you all can get a SYR/Scramble/etc. gi should you want one!

I wouldn't have even thought to mention Paypal if some of YOU hadn't mentioned it to me (Thanks Lester, That_hal and the others that mentioned it)!

In addition to the steps that I mentioned here, I wanted to add something that a bunch of people mentioned would really speed up the ordering process on a SYR/Scramble/ETC. pre-sale.

A lot of people are indimiated by Paypal.

Don't be!

It's super fast and free to sign up and really increases your chance of getting a gi. Especially if you are an A2 and A3 (like me) and your size runs out super-fast.

Signing up for Paypal

First, register for a new paypal account (Click images below for larger versions).  The personal version is free and easy to use.


Fill in your information and confirm whatever e-mail you have them send it to.


Log into your account and enter a credit card.  Save it as your default method of payment.


On ordering day, log into your account and make sure everything is ready to go with your card.

That's it!

On Ordering Day

Follow the steps in this guide, but log into Budovideos in one tab, and your paypal account in another tab.  When you go to pay, select paypal, select your card and click order and it's done! No need to even switch between windows.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email at brendan.gireviews@gmail.com!

REMEMBER: If you shop at Budovideos, use the code ‘gireviews-budo' to save 5% on your Shoyoroll gi.

3. Shoyoroll's Store

During the release of The Ring, lot of people were bummed that Budovideos crashed for them, while it worked perfectly for others.  Also, other people noted the Shoyoroll's site worked really well (while others said it kept dropping items from their cart).

These things happen when websites get flooded with requests for information.

It just happens.

So in addition to following the above tips for Budovideos and Paypal, I would definitely recommend trying to order from Shoyoroll as well.  Odds are, one of the two sites will work for you (plus Paypal for expedited payment) and you'll be able to pick up a gi, such as the Batch 30 Rasta gi!!

I sincerely hope these tips are helpful!  I am sure they will carry over into future releases of any type of presale gi!  If you have any questions about anything above, shoot me an email at brendan.gireviews@gmail.com!


  1. can you cut down the number of shoyoroll posts?

    seriously just stick to the gi reviews or change your name to shoyoroll fan club or something

    • Hey Matt!

      Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry you aren’t enjoying them. I wish I could take credit that they were all my idea!

      A lot my ideas from posts come from things I read on the forums and people asking questions. People asked where they could find images or all the SYR gis and a lot of people are always upset when they can’t get a gi they want.

      What brand(s) would you like to see more of on GiReviews?

  2. Can’t stress the importance of PayPal in combination with BudoVideos enough. I spent like 15 minutes trying to get through BudoVideos and the payment options there, timing out, erroring and what not before I decided to use PayPal instead. Blam. One try. One gi ordered.

    One would think they’d have servers capable of this “limited” load peak, but apparently not. It’s not like it’s the first time they sell a Shoyoroll either 😀

    I’m tempted by the Rio Koi but it is very similar to my old Shoyoroll, so maybe I’ll go for the Scramble instead… 🙂

  3. Hey Brendan, thank you for all your posts. I’ve found all informative and helpful, and greatly appreciate your efforts. In addition, you’re purchase giudelines have helped me procure a super sick gi that I really love! Well done, keep up the good work sir… Mahalosss!

  4. You guys are funny, I’ve been rocking the SYRs since batch 5 and have never had a problem purchasing one. There is no big secret to getting one, not to mention it’s only a gi, it will not make you trainer harder. Quit crying like pansies and train! I remember when jits was for people who trained hard, not who wanted to look good.


  5. When I was on the SYR website my order kept dropping from the basket. When I asked Bear about it he said try a different web browser. His solution worked.
    I would recommend using FIREFOX and NOT SAFARI if you’re on a Mac. Although I’m not an avid user of Firefox (I like safari) I’ll definitely do what it takes to get my gi…wouldn’t we all?!

  6. Brendan.

    I used your method today and landed a Rio Koi (my first SYR gi).

    I do not particularly care for SYR’s sales model (the fact that you have to write a guide to try and buy one is telling), but they do so much for the sport I love, supporting them feels right. Plus, they make an incredible Gi.

    Thanks for this, your website is an invaluable resource.

  7. Brendan, You my friend are awesome.

    Ive been keeping up with your site for a while now and figured I’d try getting the rio koi. The instructions here were right on point and I managed to snag one! Again, thank you for the great work you do and I look forward to more great posts in the future!

  8. I tried a couple of weeks ago to order a batch 12, and I thought you had to go through the Shoyoroll store? Is that not the case? Also, when I tried to order through the Shoyoroll store it kept asking me to login, before it would show me anything for sale. I eventually got in, the login request just disappeared for some reason, and there were no GI’s available. What am I missing.

    Sorry for being a newbie…

  9. Hi! I’m thinking of buying a shoyoroll gi but I’m wondering what the cost of the shipping would be if I ship it to San Francisco area? would you have any clue?


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