Honey Badger Gi Review

Honey Badger Gi Review

Honey Badger Gi Initial Thoughts

  • The pants are the same as the Tatami Zero G.  Very lightweight and it would be perfect to wear in a tournament.
  • The jacket is a single weave style jacket.  The collar isn't the thickest but isn't super easy for training partners to manipulate (like my Vulkan).
  • The stitching really pops and the pictures here barely do it justice.
  • Comes with a pretty simple, but cool, gi bag.
  • If you're into other stand-out Tatami gis like the Terere gi, the Honey Badger gi is right up your alley.


The Honey Badger Gi is one of the newest offerings from Tatami Fightwear and is definitely a fitting addition to their collection.  It has very bold colors and design, but is also very functional as a tournament and training gi.

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The Honey Badger Gi from Tatami Fightwear is co-developed by BJJ gi designer Meerkatsu.  It has a single weave jacket and lightweight pants along the lines of the Tatami Zero G.  The collar isn't the thickest but isn't super easy for training partners to manipulate (like my Vulkan).


The gi fits me very well and fits me similar to my Tatami Terere gi.  The main difference is that the honey badger gi jacket doesn't have the rashguard interior so it isn't as snug.


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If you're into other stand-out Tatami gis like the Terere gi, the Honey Badger gi is right up your alley.  The colour scheme holds true throughout coordinating every single stitch, patch, label, and a piece of embroidery.  The design is very bold, but still comes off very clean (as you can see in the picture above).


The jacket on this gi looks very sharp and is a single weave top.  This makes it great for training and for competition.  I would probably prefer it for competition because I hate using super-thin gi jackets that let your opponent have whatever grips they want.  It was a pleasure to train in and fared exactly the same as all of my other single weave gi tops, including my first gi.



The pants are probably the lighest pair of pants that I own.  I believe they're made from 8oz cotton which makes them much lighter than the 10-12oz cotton pants that I own.  They are very easy to move in and didn't show any signs of wear despite being thinner.  They may wear out quicker over the next 6 months to a year, but that is just conjecture.  I expect that, if washed and cared for properly (i.e. as directed by the manufacturer) , they will hold up just fine.



The honey badger gi was great to roll in and I didn't find any loose stitching in it.  The collar had a good balance between being firm, but not heavy.  Also, since the Tatami cut fits me so well, the gi was very easy to move in while training.


The honey badger gi really isn't for the faint of heart.  You better be either hilarious, or the toughest guy in your gym, if you want to rock this.  So, basically, you need to be a honey badger.  While it, like every other gi, won't make you any better at BJJ, it will earn you about eleventy billion cool points in our book.

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Honey Badger Gi Pictures

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  1. I’ve got two friends with this Gi and I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting it. The colors frickin’ explode off that black.. it looks absolutely sick. The color contrast is just awesome. The gi is very soft and very light. The two guys I know who have it both say the fit is immaculate. The seams and stitching also seemed solid at first glance.

    Due to it’s lighter nature, I’d suggest using it for ultra hot days or for tournaments where having that extra weight off would help the most.

    • Yeah for sure. It’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be. But since its modeled after the Tatami Zero G, I think it’d be great for comps. You just better take first place! =o)

  2. I bought this gi and it was amazing. I was comfortable and light. I just have one complaint and that is when I was washed it and it shrunk on full size from A3 to A2 and now doesn’t fit. I washed it in cold water and ran through extra low delicate in the drier (which never shrunk any of my previous gi’s). The plus side of it is that I am aiming to lose weight anyways so now I have more motivation.

    • That stinks John! We didn’t have any problems with shrinkage, but I also never ever recommend putting it in the dryer at any heat level unless you’re trying to shrink them.


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